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Voting is a way to connect your voice with the country

Due to the difficult weather in the mountains, Kinnaur in Himachal Pradesh got the opportunity five months before the rest of the country. And in that too, Shyam Sharan Negi of Kalpa village remained at the forefront. His age then was 34 years. Six decades later, in 2014, when the country was once again going through general elections, Negi, now 97 years old, narrated his first voting experience, ‘I still remember the feeling of happiness and pride that I felt that day. had felt. Be it rain or snow, I never step back from it. Shyam Sharan Negi was the first voter of India. He never missed any election. He had also voted in the last Lok Sabha elections with a wide smile on his face full of lines of experience. If he had been in this election, he would have once again proudly shown the ink on his finger with the same familiar smile.

Shyam Sharan Negi enjoyed voting and he never missed any opportunity to enjoy this pleasure. It is said that democracy is based on the belief that the special power lies in the common people. Voting is a way to feel that special power, to use one’s rights. Seeing the name in the voter list, going to the polling booth, standing in the queue and then voting for the candidate of your choice – the whole process is like a celebration. Now there is a celebration so there should be enthusiasm and joy.

Voting is a responsibility, but not the kind of responsibilities that become a burden. It does not demand anything extra from you. It doesn’t ask for anything that takes a lot of strength to complete, rather every step of it is very fun. Vote has importance only when it is given. If you keep it with yourself, then it has no value. And who has to give it also increases its price. It cannot be lavished on anyone just like that. That is why it is very important to know about the candidates and understand their policies before voting.

The voting line makes one realize how in this country everyone is equal and everyone has equal rights. There is a feeling of connection with each other. There may be no prior acquaintance with the people standing in front and behind in the line, but there is a reason that binds everyone there. That reason is the desire to be a part of positive change.

The sound of beep that comes as soon as you press the button of EVM to vote gives deep satisfaction. The experience at this time can be compared to the time when some big work has been completed. Then we feel proud of ourselves, that we too are becoming participants in democracy. Whatever result comes, we will also have a vote in it. This one vote adds your voice to the voice of the country.

Vote is the tool with which anything can be changed. Its biggest joy is that it gives us the power to take decisions. We take a decision. Choose someone based on your thoughts and beliefs and support him/her. In this way a vote makes us an active member of the country and society.

George Bernard Shaw said that when you don’t vote you lose your right to complain. Vote is the heart of democracy, whose heartbeat is connected to you. And every heartbeat shapes our future. Many unique experiments are being done in this election to make the voting experience even better. At some places a lucky draw is being held and at some places people are welcomed with poha and jalebi. So many efforts were made so that every voter reached the polling booth and every vote was counted in the election. We have a chance to have fun while fulfilling our responsibilities.

Disclaimer: The views expressed above are the author’s own.

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