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Try this trick to buy sweet and juicy orange without peeling it, then you will not bring home sour orange.

Oranges are not just a delicious and fresh fruit. Rather, it is also rich in essential nutrients like Vitamin C, fiber and antioxidants. Due to the carotenoids and Vitamin A present in orange, the mucus membrane in the eyes remains healthy and also improves eyesight. Almost everyone likes such a beneficial fruit. It is said that if you eat an orange instead of tea in the morning, you can stay away from many diseases.

But choosing sweet and juicy oranges while shopping is not easy. Many times we bring oranges that are so sour that it is difficult to eat them. Therefore, some things should be kept in mind while choosing oranges in the market. So that you never regret coming home. In such a situation, we are going to tell you some tricks to help you. With their help you will be able to pick sweet and juicy oranges.

smell the orange

If you want to buy a sweet and juicy orange, first smell it. Because the smell of sweet fruits is a proof of how ripe they are. These fruits are tasty as well as juicy. In such a situation, if while buying oranges, they also smell sweet, then it is a sign of freshness. If it doesn’t smell good then the orange is not good.

Don’t buy flabby oranges

Don't buy flabby oranges

If you want to know how pulpy and juicy an orange will be, then try applying a little pressure on it. Because ripe orange is not flabby but normal. If the orange is very hard then do not take it. These may be undercooked and lacking in juice. Due to which the taste will deteriorate. Therefore, do not buy flabby and hard oranges at all.

buy from local market

buy from local market

Have you ever felt the difference between oranges in the supermarket and the local market? Apart from being expensive, oranges from supermarkets sometimes also do not taste good. Therefore, the right way to get sweet oranges is to buy them from the local market, where you can pick them yourself. Actually, oranges are often fresh in the local market. Because the time between their harvesting and then selling is less, due to which better taste and juice is obtained.

variety difference

variety difference

Different varieties of oranges have different levels of sweetness and acidity. Now which orange it is also makes a lot of difference. Naval oranges are known for their sweet and slightly tart taste while Valencia oranges are more juicy and are used more in juices etc. Blood oranges have notes of raspberry or berry notes, their taste can seem a bit tart.

take care of the weather

take care of the weather

Weather plays the most important role in purchasing fruits. That’s why people advise to eat only seasonal fruits. Because the taste and benefits of seasonal fruits are different. Same thing happens with oranges also. Both the flavor and color of orange are good during winter. But by May-June the taste starts to fade a bit.

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