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This park is best to visit in summer, you will get shade even in scorching sun.

Anju Prajapati/Rampur: With the onset of summer, people start sweating. But there is a place in Rampur, UP, where you can enjoy the cold even in the scorching heat. The famous Ambedkar Park of Rampur city is seen as a shady park. During the summer season, people come to this park to escape from the sun. There are plenty of entertainment facilities for children here. School and college children also enjoy the beautification of the park and study sitting under the cool shade of lush green trees. People of all ages, from children to youth, enjoy here.

Ambedkar Park of Rampur
The foundation of Ambedkar Park, built on Moradabad Highway near Police Station Civil Lines in the city, was laid in 1995. It was inaugurated by the then Prime Minister HD Deve Gowda in 1997. There are innumerable species of lush green plants in this park, which include medicinal-ornamental plants and all types of plants. Swings are also installed for children. Apart from this, there are also fountains and playground in the park.

It’s fun even if you are a student
According to Amit and Sonu, students of Raza Degree College of the city, after returning home from college, the condition becomes miserable due to strong sunlight and heat in the afternoon. In such a situation, people sit under the trees in Ambedkar Park located in the middle of the city to get relief from the heat. After resting for some time, we also study.

get delicious food
You can also taste the delicious food of the city at low prices at the food stalls located adjacent to the gate outside Ambedkar Park. Apart from this, you can eat different varieties of ice cream, fast food, hot water batasha, sugarcane, vine juice and other snacks.

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