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This 13 year old spinner is no less than Shane Warne, created panic by taking 8 wickets in one innings, batsmen lost their sweat

Vishal Jha/Ghaziabad : Shruti Pandey of Ghaziabad is called Shane Warne of NCR. This is because Shruti has many titles in her name at a young age. The room is full of awards for Man of the Match, Man of the Series, Bowler of the Tournament, Best Bowler etc. Even the biggest batsmen get defeated in front of his spin. Shruti is a leg spinner like Shane Warne. At the age of just 13, he has accomplished many great feats.

Shruti has been playing cricket since the age of 6. His favorite players are Virat Kohli and Rashid Khan. At present Shruti has played more than 200 cricket matches. The maximum number of wickets he has taken so far in a match is 8. During this, he gave only 23 runs in 6 overs.

Coach Sunil Saini, who runs DS Cricket Academy, says that Shruti is the best player here and has played many tournaments. Shruti had given a very good performance in the Delhi-NCR League, our team has played the finals in the last three tournaments and Shruti has emerged as the best bowler in all three.

Daughter will play for India
Father Murari Pandey tells that the daughter has been playing cricket since 2017. He said, ‘First I took my son to the cricket academy, but after seeing him alone there, the daughter said that if I stay with him, he will start playing. Gradually the daughter also became interested in cricket and she started doing very well. Now Shruti has to play for India. It is a challenge to practice on the ground all day long along with studies, but Shruti works very hard and participates in cricket with full energy.

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