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They don’t want slim ones, they want heavy brides, hanging fat is the jewel of beauty, you will be shocked to hear the reason

Girls are being force fed for marriage: You must have heard that if a girl is about to get married, she starts doing yoga, gym or exercising at home for hours. Not only this, Many girls also go on special diets to look their most beautiful on this ‘special day’. Every girl wants to look the most beautiful and most attractive in her lehenga or saree on this special occasion of her wedding. But imagine if we tell you that there is a place where a girl is fed a lot of food before marriage. This work is not done for one or two days but is done for months. So that the bride-to-be looks plump and not thin.

You must have heard many unique traditions related to weddings. For example, at some places the groom has to recite verses and at some places the bride has to hit her brothers-in-law with a stick. But today we are telling you about such a unique wedding custom that you will be stunned to hear. This is a tradition to make girls fat. While the trend of ‘zero figure’ is going on all over the world, in one country in Africa, girls start fattening up before getting married. Girls of the African country Mortania have been following this tradition for years. Mortania is a country in West Africa where this practice is known as ‘Lebulu’.

only fat women are beautiful

This tradition of marriage is being followed for years in the rural areas of Murtania. Here, in the name of ‘Lablu’, as soon as the girls start puberty, they are force-fed high calorie food. Here girls are fed very oily and weight increasing things. They are fed milk, peanut oil and pure fat in big bowls to the animals. The reason for this custom is that here the heavy body of women is a sign of their beauty. Heavy hanging fat in the body and stretch marks on the stomach are considered a sign of beauty. This is the reason why 13-14 year old girls are fed so much oily food every day that sometimes they even vomit. But it is considered normal there. It is believed that the fatter a girl is at the time of marriage, the more space she will have in her husband’s day.

playing with girls’ health

Although this is an old practice, many girls and organizations are continuously raising their voice against it. CNN, in a report titled ‘Women fight Mauritania’s fattening tradition’, told how many organizations are raising their voice against this tradition. In fact, while according to WHO a normal woman should take up to 2000 calories per day, due to this practice young girls are force-fed up to 16,000 calories a day. In such a situation, these girls who are made ‘fat’ for marriage, struggle with problems like high blood pressure, heart diseases, hypertension only after marriage. In this report, Maryam Ahmed says, ‘Now is the time that the practice of Murtania should become history. It is our responsibility to protect girls from these health-threatening practices.

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