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The playoff issue is badly stuck, 3 teams are on the same point, anyone can be out.

New Delhi. This time only 11 league matches are left in the Indian Premier League. Till now the picture regarding the teams playing in the playoffs has not been clear. The two teams which are on top of the points table do not even have the qualification tag in front of their names. Although after reaching 16 points, their place is now confirmed but it is difficult to understand who will be the bottom two teams. There are 6 teams in the race out of which 3 have equal points.

The matter of the Indian Premier League 2024 playoffs is now becoming even more complicated. After the defeat in the initial matches, the teams which were on the verge of being eliminated have seen a counterattack. First the team of Royal Challengers Bangalore and now Gujarat Titans have complicated the equation of playoff by winning. The teams of Mumbai Indians and Punjab Kings are completely out of this race. Apart from this, all the teams have claims to reach the playoffs.

How the playoff issue got complicated
Till a week ago, the path seemed easy for the teams of defending champions Chennai Super Kings, Lucknow Super Giants and Delhi Capitals. After the defeat in the last match, the situation of Chennai and Lucknow has worsened. Delhi’s victory has made its job easier while increasing the problems of the top teams. After Kolkata and Rajasthan, only 2 places are left in the playoffs. At present all three are on the same score and anyone can be out.

Three teams on 12 points
The teams of Chennai Super Kings, Delhi Capitals and Lucknow Super Giants are on 12-12 points. Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s team now has to play the last two matches against Rajasthan Royals and Royal Challengers Bangalore. Delhi has to clash with Bangalore and Lucknow. If Virat Kohli’s top form continues and his team wins both the remaining matches, then Chennai and Delhi’s dream of reaching 16 points will be shattered. If it loses to the Lucknow team then its hopes of getting 16 points will also be dashed.

anyone can be out
According to the current status of the points table, 6 teams are in the race for the playoffs. If the teams of Lucknow and Delhi have to play against each other, it is certain that only one team will reach 16 points. RCB has to play Chennai and Delhi, which means either these two teams will score points or Virat Kohli’s dream will be shattered again. The matter of playoff is quite complicated and any team can be out.

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