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The child growing inside also has the right to live… and the Supreme Court did not allow the woman to have an abortion.

New Delhi: An unmarried woman had sought permission to terminate her one-month pregnancy, on which the Supreme Court refused to hear. The court has said that the fetus growing in the womb also has the right to life. On May 3, Delhi High Court had refused to grant relief to the woman in this case. After this she reached the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court said, ‘We cannot pass orders going against the law. The fetus in the womb is about 7 months old.

The court said- forgive us
The court asked what right the child in the womb has to survive? Will you answer that? On this, the woman’s lawyer said in the Supreme Court that the mother has rights as long as the child is in the mother’s womb. The woman is appearing for NEET exam. She is going through pain. She cannot face the society. A request was made to the court that the physical and mental well-being of the woman should be considered. The court said that we are sorry and refused to hear the application.

What did the High Court say on this?
Earlier, the High Court had said that after seeing the report of the medical board, it shows that there is no congenital abnormality in the fetus nor is there any risk to the mother in continuing the pregnancy. Therefore, feticide would be neither moral nor legally acceptable. The petitioner had said that on April 16 he felt stomach problems. When an ultrasound was done, it was found that she was 27 weeks pregnant.

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