Tuesday, May 28th, 2024

Taiwan detects 7 Chinese naval ships, 2 military aircraft surrounded

Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense (MND) said it detected seven Chinese naval vessels and two military aircraft in the vicinity of Taiwan between 6 a.m. Sunday and 6 a.m. Monday.

According to the Ministry of National Defense, two People’s Liberation Army (PLA) aircraft crossed the Taiwan Strait median line in the southwestern area of ​​the country’s air defense identification zone (ADIZ).

In response, Taiwan dispatched aircraft and naval ships and deployed coastal defense missile systems to monitor PLA activity.

The increase in activity in the Taiwan Strait area comes amid rising geopolitical tensions between Taiwan and China. Taiwan has long been a point of contention for Beijing, which considers the island a rebel province and has repeatedly expressed its intention to reunite it with the mainland, even if by force.

On May 12, Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense (MND) said it had detected 11 Chinese military aircraft and eight naval vessels operating across the country from 6 a.m. Saturday (local time) to 6 a.m. Sunday (local time) .

According to Taiwan’s MND, eight of the 11 Chinese aircraft crossed the midline of the Taiwan Strait and entered Taiwan’s southwest air defense identification zone (ADIZ). In response to Chinese activity, Taiwan deployed CAP aircraft, naval ships, and coastal missile systems.

The MND has issued daily reports on Chinese military activities for the past few years, including identifying Chinese aircraft, drones and balloons that have been detected crossing the Taiwan Strait midline and approaching Taiwan.

The midline of the Taiwan Strait served as a secret border between China and Taiwan for decades, but since former United States House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan in August 2022, China’s military has shown greater independence across the Taiwan Strait. Have sent planes, warships and drones.

So far this month, Taiwan has tracked Chinese military aircraft 126 times and naval ships 62 times. Since September 2020, China has increased its use of gray zone tactics by increasing the number of military aircraft and naval ships operating around Taiwan.

Gray zone strategy is defined as “a series of efforts or efforts beyond steady-state deterrence and reassurance that attempt to achieve one’s security objectives without the direct and substantial use of force.”

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