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Soni Razdan saved herself from becoming a victim of fraud, the actress narrated her entire ordeal on Instagram

Every day someone is becoming a victim of online scam. Celebrities are also falling prey to this. Alia Bhatt’s mother Soni Razdan has given this information by sharing a post. Told that he too had received a call and an attempt was made to defraud him. And this was not a matter of money but of drugs. He wrote in the post that the person was calling himself Delhi Custom Police. They also asked for their Aadhar card number and tried to extort money. Soni Razdan wrote in a post on Instagram, ‘A lot of scams are happening around people. Someone called and pretended to be calling from Delhi Customs. And he said that I had ordered some illegal drugs. And he said that he was a policeman or someone from a similar field. After this they take your Aadhar card number from you. I also got a similar call. These people scare you and try to get you to transfer huge money.

Soni Razdan was not a victim of fraud

Soni Razdan further wrote, ‘You just have to understand that you do not want to get trapped in this. Don’t get influenced by their words. Someone I know got trapped in their talks and transferred a huge amount of money. He is upset now. All this should not happen to anyone. That’s why I am posting this because anyone can be afraid of such things. But fortunately when he asked for my Aadhaar number, I told him that I will give it after some time. Obviously he did not call again. But this is scary. If you get a call from such a number then go to the police immediately. I know three people who have received such calls.

Soni Razdan tagged Mumbai Police

Soni Razdan wrote in the caption, ‘When you get a call like this, it is very easy to get confused and you think that it is a real call. Believe me, I almost thought the same thing. When I spoke to someone they told me it was a scam and to ignore it. But it seems like things are getting worse and to be honest, it wouldn’t hurt at all to think that you’re in trouble. Even if it’s not your fault… And this is a crime, so be careful. This is a scam. The actress has tagged Mumbai Police in this.

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