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Situation out of control in AI Express, long waiting time in call center, passengers forced to wander

Air India Express: After more than 100 pilots went on leave, the situation in Air India Express has almost gone out of control. The situation is such that airlines have to put in a lot of effort to share flight information with their passengers. At the same time, to get information from the call center of Air India Express, passengers have to remain on hold for more than half an hour. Not only this, this situation has become like a disaster for the passengers taking connecting flights.

Rahul Kant Yadav, who is facing similar problem, says that he had to go to Bengaluru by Air India Express flight IX-1428. His flight was canceled without any preliminary information. Now he is continuously trying to contact the airlines customer care for flight reschedule or refund. A similar problem is faced by a passenger named Mehul. According to Mehul, he has been trying to contact the airlines for the last one hour, but there is no one on the other end to attend his call.

I have been on hold for half an hour…
A passenger named Amandeep Singh says that his call has been received at the call center of Air India Express, but it is on hold for the last 21 minutes. On the other hand, there is no one to answer from. A similar complaint has been made by a passenger named Swami. According to Swamy, he has to leave for Vijayawada from Hyderabad by flight number IX-1881. He has been on hold for about 18 minutes to get information about his flight. A passenger named Kala Richardson says that he has missed his exam due to the cancellation of the airlines flight.

their problem is double
In the current situation of Air India Express, the problems of passengers traveling on connecting flights have increased considerably. A passenger named Shivam told that he had to go from Mangaluru to Mumbai. His first flight IX-792 was from Mangaluru to Bengaluru. After reaching Bengaluru, he had to leave for Mumbai by flight IX1229. His flight from Mangaluru to Bangalore has been canceled and nothing is known about the flight from Bangalore to Mumbai. Now they may definitely get a refund for one flight, but the money for the second flight will definitely be wasted.

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