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Sitaram Kesari was locked in the bathroom…picked up overnight and thrown out, why did PM Modi mention the former Congress President?

New Delhi : Before the fifth round of voting in the Lok Sabha elections, PM Modi made a sharp attack on the Congress and the Gandhi family. During an interview, PM Modi accused the Gandhi family of capturing Congress. In this sequence, Prime Ministers from Jawahar Lal Nehru to Sonia Gandhi were mentioned. PM Modi also mentioned non-Gandhi presidents in Congress, Purushottam Das Tandon and Sitaram Kesari. He also accused the Gandhi family of not following the Congress constitution. PM Modi said that from Jawaharlal Nehru to Sonia Gandhi have not followed the constitution of their own party. He said that history has witnessed that presidents elected under the Congress system have been removed to please the Gandhi family.

When Kesari was locked in the bathroom

In response to a question related to the opposition’s allegation of 400 seats and changing the Constitution, PM Modi said, what did the Congress do to the Constitution? They talk about the Constitution. He said, I ask what happened to the Constitution of Congress? Does this family accept the Constitution of the Congress Party? You will remember that Tandon ji (Purushottam Das Tandon) was made the President of the Congress Party. Were made under the Constitution. PM Modi said that Nehru ji did not approve of Tandon ji. Then Nehru ji did drama and said that I will not be in the working committee. Asked why, because ultimately, the Congress Party had to remove the elected National President, to please this family. Prime Minister Modi said that Sitaram Kesari was the President of Congress. Were made under the system. Someone tell me they were locked in the bathroom. It was thrown out overnight and Madam Sonia Gandhi became the President of Congress. He said that I do not have the information, but a question arises in my mind that those who capture the Congress Party in this way, I would like to know that when did all the Congress officials who are there today become members of the Congress? They should declare the country as per their constitution.

‘No right to speak about the Constitution’

PM Modi said, now tell me whether he has the right to speak about the Constitution. Secondly, what did they do with the Constitution, I say that the first Constitution which was made has a soul as well as words. What was the soul – The makers of the Constitution were very wise that whatever is put in writing will be for the present and the future. But, we also have a grand past, we have a grand heritage, what will we do with it. Then the Constitution would become very big, so he very wisely added pictures to the Constitution. PM Modi said that all these pictures are India’s heritage of thousands of years. Be it Ramayana, Mahabharata, everything is there in it. The first thing Pandit Nehru did was to put this first copy of the Constitution in a box and the Constitution that was later printed was without these pictures. That means they cut those pictures. Modi said that he started Hindustan after August 15, to cheer for his family.

Selective targeting of Congress family

PM Modi said that he attacked the soul of the Constitution. He said that the first amendment was made by Pandit Nehru to use scissors on the freedom of expression. This was the first attack on the soul of the Constitution. Then he attacked the spirit of the Constitution. By misusing Article 356, he broke the governments of the country 100 times. PM Modi said that again he brought emergency. In a way, he threw the Constitution in the dustbin. To this extent he insulted the Constitution. He said that then his sons came, first Nehru ji committed sin, then Indira Gandhi did it, then Rajiv Gandhi came. Modi said that Rajiv Gandhi was bringing a law to control the media. Shah Bano’s Supreme Court judgment was uprooted and the Constitution changed, because vote bank politics had to be done. The PM said that it was election day, so he stopped. Then came his son, Shehzade ji, he is nothing but an MP. He tore up the cabinet decision in a press conference. They talk about the Constitution.

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