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Second team of IPL 2024 playoff confirmed, 4 teams out of the race! Battle for 2nd place among 4 including Chennai

New Delhi. Kolkata Knight Riders’ victory over Lucknow Supergiants and Punjab Kings’ defeat against Chennai Super Kings have made the picture of IPL playoffs clear to a great extent. Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) defeated Lucknow Supergiants (LSG) by 98 runs on Sunday and captured the first place in the points table. KKR now has 16 points equal to Rajasthan Royals (RR). But with 1.453 run rate he is in a better position than RR (0.622). That is why it is considered certain that Kolkata Knight Riders will play in the IPL 2024 playoffs.

2 matches were played in IPL 2024 on Sunday. The first match was between Chennai Super Kings (CSK) and Punjab Kings (PBKS). This was an important match for both the teams from the playoff point of view. Especially for Punjab Kings, who were in dire need of victory. The match was also in his home ground (Dharamshala). Punjab Kings had also defeated Chennai in the last match. That means the equations were in favor of Punjab Kings. But Chennai Super Kings turned all the equations and won the match by 28 runs.

With this win, Chennai Super Kings made it to the top-4 of the points table, while the Punjab team slipped from 7th to 8th. Chennai Super Kings now have 12 points after 11 matches. His run rate is 0.700. On the basis of better run rate, CSK team is ahead of Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH) and Lucknow Supergiants. SRH and LSG also have 12 points each, but both these teams are behind CSK in terms of run rate.

Delhi Capitals has 10 points from 11 matches. It is the sixth team in the league which can reach 16 points. That means the Delhi Capitals team is still strongly present in the race for the playoffs. He still has three matches left. One of these matches is against Lucknow Supergiants. If Delhi wins all its three matches, then not only will it reach 16 points, but Lucknow will also not be able to go further than this. This is the reason why Delhi is currently being counted in the race for the playoffs.

RCB is at seventh place with 8 points
Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) is at number 7 in the points table with 8 matches. Punjab Kings and Gujarat Titans also have 8 points each, but the run-run of both of them is less than RCB. For this reason, Punjab is at eighth position and Gujarat at ninth position in the Kings points table. Even if both these teams win their remaining three matches, they will not be able to go beyond 14 points. However, in the paper equation, these three teams are now in the race for the playoffs. But for this, not only will they have to perform miraculously, but at least 3 teams present in OP-6 will have to lose most of their matches.

Mumbai can spoil Hyderabad’s game
Mumbai Indians are at the bottom in the points table with 6 points in 11 matches. This is the only team which is considered to be completely out of the race for the playoffs. But the last matches of IPL are not just for making a place in the playoffs. Due to these matches, the game of one or the other team gets spoiled. Mumbai Indians can also spoil the game of Sunrisers Hyderabad by defeating them on Monday.

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