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Searched for a groom for his daughter in all the three worlds, when Balram returned to earth he married her when he was shorter than a plough, know Sanatan.

New Delhi: There is an interesting story related to Revati, the wife of Lord Krishna’s elder brother Balram. According to Vishnu Purana, King Kukudami had an only daughter, Revati. The king believed that there was no man suitable for his beautiful and knowledgeable daughter who could marry her. Kukudami went to Brahmalok along with his daughter. He spoke about this to Brahmaji, the god of creation, and requested him to help him find a suitable groom for his daughter. Brahmaji took him to a place from where all the planets around the earth were visible. Who existed eternally. This story of going back from the present time tells about Sanatan Dharma only. During the election campaign for Lok Sabha elections, 2024, there is discussion about Sanatan and ‘Let’s know Sanatan’ is trending on social media. Today we know about this Sanatan.

When Brahma said- Suitable groom for your daughter is dead

According to Vishnu Purana, Brahmaji explored all the worlds at the behest of the king. After this he told the king that 27 Chaturyugas have passed on earth. All the suitable grooms for your daughter have died years ago. Brahmaji said that you should marry her with Vishnu. He is incarnated on earth in the form of Balram. At that time the king returned to earth with Revati, but by then so much time had passed that the length of humans on earth had reduced considerably. At that time Balram married life-sized Revati. However, seeing Revati being too tall, Balram reduced her height by pressing her with the point of a plough, and made her like ordinary women.

The stronger BJP will be, the stronger Sanatan Dharma will be… Annamalai said clearly

Talk about Sanatan in Atharvaveda

While mentioning the word ‘Sanatan’ in Atharvaveda, it is said that Sanatanmenmahurtadya syatpunarnavah. Ahoraatre Pra Jayate Anyo Anyasya Rupayo: Sanatan means that which never becomes old, always remains new, like the cycle of day and night always remains new. Sanatana has also been described in the Buddhist text Mahavagga, where in Suttanipata it has been called Subhasita Suttam. Truth is an inner power, which is eternal.

What is Sanatan, mentioned in Buddhist texts also

According to Acharya Pandit Vinod Shastri in Delhi, it is said in the religious scriptures that Dharayate Iti Dharma: That is, whatever is followed is religion. This religion is true and eternal. There is no direct mention of the word Sanatan in Rigveda. Sanatan is a Sanskrit word. This has been mentioned in detail in Bhagavad Gita. Sanatan means eternal, beginningless, indestructible and infinite.

Arjun had talked about Sanatan Dharma

According to ISKCON Educational Services, an organization that propagates Krishna devotion, Sanatan in Hinduism means performing one’s duty. Julius J Lipner, Emeritus Professor at the University of Cambridge, says in his book ‘Hindus: Their Religious Beliefs and Practices’ that Sanatan Dharma was used by Arjun in the Bhagavad Gita. He told Lord Krishna that when the clan goes bad, then the Sanatan Dharma of the entire clan is destroyed.

Krishna told Arjun what Sanatan is

Pandit Vinod Shastri says that Lord Krishna has also told about Sanatan Dharma in Geeta. Krishna says-
It is cut, burned, wetted and dried.
It is eternal, omnipresent, stable, immovable and eternal.
That means O Arjun! Which cannot be penetrated, which cannot be burnt, which does not dry and which does not get wet, which does not change its place. Such satvik qualities are present only in God. The power which is full of these divine qualities. He is worthy of being called eternal.

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Mention of Sanantana in Buddha’s words

Some scholars believe that Sanatan is derived from ‘Sanantana’ of Pali texts, which is spiritual and eternal. The language of the Tripitaka, the scriptures of Theravada Buddhists, is Pali. Dhammo Sanantano is mentioned at many places in it. This book contains the sayings of Buddha and stories related to them. Pali is considered closest to Sanskrit. In ancient India, the common people spoke only in Pali and Prakrit. At the same time, Sanskrit was considered the language of scholars and government.

Ambedkar said- European scholars coined this word

In the book ‘Riddles in Hinduism: An Exposition to Enlighten the Masses’, Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar says that the word Sanatan came into existence because of European scholars, who believed that Hindu civilization was stable. However, most Hindu people do not believe in Sanatan. The British gave the White Man Burden Theory.
He believed that he had set out to civilize the world. That is why he coined the word Sanatan with the same mindset to divide Hindus against the British rule.

Role of Arya Samaj, Ramakrishna Mission

In the 19th century, organizations like Arya Samaj and Ramakrishna Mission played an important role in shaping Sanatan. Swami Vivekananda’s belief in humanity as the supreme religion and Arya Samaj’s opposition to idol worship told people about Sanatan Dharma in the real sense. This religion was based on humanity and service.

Swami Vivekananda called the religion of humanity supreme. He is truly called eternal

Former President also told the meaning of Sanatan

Former President Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan had said in his book ‘Hindu View of Life’ that the people who lived on the banks of the Indus River believed in Sanatan Dharma. Since the foreigners did not know how to pronounce the word Sindhu, they started calling it Hindu. At the same time, in Tamil literature, Sanatan was called Aram. Sanatan here means moral values ​​and art of living. Europeans deliberately described the Aryans as being of foreign origin, so that they could portray themselves as civilized.

Madras High Court had explained the meaning of Sanatan

In March this year, in the hearing of a petition, the Madras High Court had termed Sanatan Dharma as a set of ‘eternal duties’. These duties include many duties like duty towards the nation, duty of the king towards his people, duty towards his parents and gurus, taking care of the poor. In fact, in September last year, DMK leader and Tamil Nadu government minister Udhayanidhi Stalin had compared Sanatan Dharma with dengue and malaria and had talked about eliminating Sanatan Dharma. An organization named Hindu Munnani had filed a petition demanding the removal of DMK leaders from the post over the controversial statement.

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