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RECORD: Made international debut 7 months ago… team collapsed for 12 runs


Strange record made in Japan vs Mongolia T20 Second lowest score in T20 International cricket Maximum 4 runs scored by a batsman

New Delhi. Seven months ago, Mongolia’s cricket team made its debut in international cricket. An unwanted record has been registered in the name of the Mongolian team, which entered international cricket through the Asian Games, in T20 International cricket. Against Japan, Mongolia’s team collapsed for just 12 runs. This is the second lowest score of any team in T20 International cricket. The record of making the minimum score in T20 International cricket is in the name of Isle of Man, whose team was out for 10 runs against Spain on 26 February 2023.

The teams of Japan and Mongolia (Japan vs Mongolia) were face to face in the T20 match. Batting first, Japan made a big score of 217 runs for 7 wickets. In front of the opposition team’s mountain-like target, the Mongolian batsmen easily surrendered without any struggle. That means the Mongolian team returned to the pavilion after scoring 12 runs in just 8.2 overs.

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Kazuma took 5 wickets for Japan
For Japan, 17-year-old left-arm fast bowler Kazuma Kato Stafford took 5 wickets for 7 runs in 3.2 overs, while Abdul Samad (4/2) and Makoto Taniyama (0/2) took two wickets each. In this way, Japan won the match by 205 runs, which is the fourth biggest win in terms of runs in T20 international cricket. The record is in the name of Nepal which defeated Mongolia by 273 runs in the Asian Games.

Tur scored maximum 4 runs for Mongolia.
For Mongolia, Toor Sumaya scored the maximum four runs. He faced 11 balls while opener Namsarai Bat Yaalalt faced the maximum of 12 balls. A 7-match T20 series is being played between Japan and Mongolia. Mongolia played its first International T20 match against Nepal where it lost by a huge margin of 273 runs. In that match, Nepal scored 314 runs for 3 wickets. In reply, Mongolia’s team collapsed for 41 runs.

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