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Reached airport to go to Jeddah, visa and passport were valid, still arrested

Delhi Airport: Life had become very difficult for Zainul Abedin, who worked as a plumber in Dehradun. Despite hard work, he was barely able to arrange two meals a day for his family. Zainul Abedin, fed up with his situation, one day called his uncle living in Saudi Arabia and requested for help. This uncle of Zainul Abedin was living and working in Saudi Arabia for the last several years.

After hearing the nephew’s ordeal, uncle advised Zainul to come to Saudi Arabia. He gave Zainul the number of an agent named Ejaz and asked him to meet him. On the insistence of his uncle, Zainul met Ejaz. During this meeting, Ijaz not only promised to send Zainul to Jeddah via Bahrain, but also assured him of getting a job there. In return for this work, a demand of Rs 1.30 lakh was also made from Zainul to Ijaz.

In the hope of a better life, Zainul arranged money from all his friends and relatives and handed over Rs 1.10 lakh to Ejaz along with his passport. As soon as Ejaz received the money, he started making work visa and other travel arrangements. After a few days, Ejaz handed over his passport along with the work visa to Zainul. Soon the date of going to Jeddah came and he went with all his preparation. IGI Airport Reached Terminal Three.

…when clouds of trouble started looming over Zainul
According to IGI Airport Police Deputy Commissioner Usha Ranganani, after reaching IGI Airport, Zainul checked-in into Gulf Air flight GF-135 and proceeded for immigration check. During immigration check, both Zainul’s passport and visa were found to be valid. But meanwhile, the immigration officer saw something in the passport which left his eyes stunned. And, from here, clouds of trouble started looming over Zainul.

…and the clue was found from Zainul’s passport
According to DCP Usha Ranganani, during the investigation, Immigration Bureau officials found that all pages from page number 13 to 24 were missing from Zainul’s passport. When Zainul was asked about this, he denied having any kind of information. During initial interrogation, Zainul could only tell that an agent named Ejaz was helping him in sending him abroad. He had handed over the passport to Ejaz for work visa, only he can tell about the missing page.

… and within no time Zainul was arrested
After initial interrogation, Zainul was handed over to IGI Airport police station. IGI Airport police station has registered an FIR against Zainul under section 420 of the IPC and section 12 of the Passport Act and arrested him.

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