Tuesday, May 28th, 2024

Rajasthan: Fees Will Not Increase in Private Schools for So Many Years, Education Department’s Order Issued

Rajasthan Fee Increase News : According to the new guidelines issued by the state education department, private schools in the state cannot increase fees for three academic years. Besides, the Rajasthan Education Department has also allowed parents to buy uniforms and books from the market apart from the school.

Now the committee will decide the fees

The education department has said that a committee of parent-teachers should be formed to finalize the fee structure in private schools. This committee will decide the fee amount. The name, address, mobile number of all the members of this fee committee will have to be updated on the private school portal,” he said.

Action will be taken against schools that do not follow the order
The 10-point guidelines issued by the Education Department state that “charging more than the fee approved by the committee will be illegal.” Action may be taken against such schools under the Fees Act and the extra fees charged from parents may have to be returned.

Now schools will organize meetings
The education department has also asked private schools to organize parent-teacher meetings. Problems related to students and school management will be discussed in this meeting. Also, schools will have to give this information to the District Education Officer.

Let us tell you that before Rajasthan Education Department, the order was also issued by Delhi Education Directorate. In which it was said that private schools would not be able to increase fees without permission. If fees etc. are increased by any private school, then legal action will be taken against it.

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