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Pune Airport: Where is the matter stuck regarding flight operations from the new terminal, know everything

Airport News: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has inaugurated the new terminal building of Pune Airport through video conferencing on March 10, 2024, but the movement of aircraft has not started from here yet. Therefore, two questions are now arising in the mind of almost every passenger traveling through Pune airport.

First- Why have flight operations not started yet from the new terminal building? Second- How long will they have to wait to board the flight from this new terminal building equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. So let us tell you what are the answers of officials from Pune to Delhi on these questions of yours…

What is the current status of the new terminal building?
According to a senior official of Pune Airport, all the work related to technical aspects in the new terminal building has been completed. From terminal gate to boarding gate, all things related to terminal operation including digital travel related equipment, check-in counter, immigration counter, security equipment related to pre-embarkation security check, electronic display boards are completely ready for terminal operation.

When will the trial runs start in the new terminal building?
According to a senior official of Pune Airport, the work of Operational Readiness and Airport Transition (ORAT) certification has been completed, under which the equipment related to terminal operations from check-in to boarding gate has been successfully tested. Apart from this, the process of test lane is underway in collaboration with Air India and Air India Express, so that all possible bottlenecks can be identified and removed before terminal operation.

Has the terminal building received all the clearances?
Has the new terminal building of Pune Airport received all the clearances from the Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) and Bureau of Civil Aviation Securities (BCAS)? So the answer to this question is that the new terminal building of Pune Airport has received all the clearances related to the operation of aircraft from DGCA. However, the food and beverage shops of the terminal are yet to get clearance from BCAS.

Has the CISF deployment process been completed?
CISF has not been deployed yet in the new terminal building of Pune Airport. Actually, about 500 CISF officers and soldiers are deployed in the existing terminal. Since there will be shifting of airlines from the old terminal to the new terminal in a phased manner, deployment of CISF personnel will be necessary in both the terminals. In view of this situation, the demand for additional soldiers has been placed by the airport management. Now the joint committee of BCAS, AAI and CISF will decide how many additional soldiers Pune Airport will get.

When will flight operations start from the new building?
According to a senior official of the Airport Authority of India, aircraft operations can be started from the new terminal only after the approval of BCAS and arrival of additional CISF personnel. After completion of both these processes, aircraft operations will be started from Pune airport within a week to ten days.

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