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Powerful teaser of ‘Dune: Prophecy’ released, did you see a glimpse of Tabu as ‘Sister Francisca’?

Recently, the makers of ‘Dune’ had made Bollywood actress Tabu a part of ‘Dune: Prophecy’, and now its teaser has been released. As soon as the teaser came, fans started searching for Tabu in it. His ‘hawk’ like eyes started searching for Tabu in the teaser of ‘Dune: Prophecy’. The teaser shows a glimpse of Emily Watson, who plays Valya Harkonen. And Tabu will be playing the role of his sister Sister Francesca. But sadly, the makers have not shown Tabu in the teaser of Dune: Prophecy. There can be two reasons for this. Either Tabu’s role is so important to the series that it needs to be kept a secret or it is such a small character that it was not given a place in the teaser. Now fans are waiting for the trailer of ‘Dune: Prophecy’ and there is full hope that Tabu will definitely be seen in it.


Watch the teaser of Dune: Prophecy here:

presswire18 TimesFans celebrate Tabu’s entry in ‘Dune: Prophecy’, the actress will create a stir with Emily Watson in the series.

What will happen in ‘Dune: Prophecy’?

It is known that ‘Dune: Prophecy’ is a prequel series of the film ‘Dune’, in which the events and other things before Dune will be shown. The teaser of ‘Dune: Prophecy’ also starts with the same line that this happened 10 thousand years ago and at that time even Paul Atreides was not born…no one even knew that he was Bene Gesserit.
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Tabu plays Emily’s sister Sister Francesca in ‘Dune: Prophecy’

The series is based on the book ‘Sisterhood of Dune’, which was written by Brian Herbert and Kevin J Anderson. It will tell the story of two Harkonnen sisters who battle dangerous forces that threaten the future of mankind. With this both sisters establish the famous sect named Bene Gesserit.

6 episodes in ‘Dune Prophecy’

The first season of Dune: Prophecy will consist of 6 episodes. Apart from Tabu and Emily Watson, many other stars including Olivia Williams, Edward Davis and Travis Fimil will be seen in it.

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