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Panchayat’s ‘MLA’ Pankaj Jha targets Pankaj Tripathi! Said- trumpeted the struggle

Pankaj Jha, who played the role of MLA Chandra Kishore MLA in the hit web series ‘Panchayat’, has targeted actor Pankaj Tripathi. Pankaj Jha accused Pankaj Tripathi of glorifying the story of his struggle too much. Pankaj Jha also claimed that he was the first choice for the role of Sultan in ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’. But casting director Mukesh Chhabra replaced him and signed Pankaj Tripathi. Pankaj Jha has been a part of the entertainment industry for the last two decades. He has worked in many films, TV serials and web series. The actor recently talked about the struggle in an interview given to ‘Lallantop Cinema’. He said that he does not like this word at all.

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‘Attacked’ Pankaj Tripathi without taking his name

Pankaj Jha again targeted Pankaj Tripathi on the pretext of struggle. Although he never took the name of the actor. Pankaj Jha said, ‘I don’t like the word ‘struggle’. If you have decided to follow your passion, then you should enjoy it. Isn’t it? And as we have often seen in the film industry, people like to glamorize their struggles. Some people say that they sold potatoes. Some say that he lived in a small house. Some say that he stole slippers from other actors. I think every situation is a learning experience.


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It is known that Pankaj Tripathi had once told that Manoj Bajpayee had come to stay in the hotel where he worked. Then Pankaj Tripathi stole his slippers. Pankaj Jha did not take the name of Pankaj Tripathi, but his comment indicated that it was a taunt on the actor.

‘They have a complex. Ego gets hurt’

Pankaj Jha further said, ‘These people have a complex. If you don’t greet them, or you offer your opinion, they get upset. They become so unhappy that they refuse to work with you again and even tell their friends not to work with you. This has happened to me.

This is how a leaf was cut from ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’.

He then further said, ‘I was going to do ‘Gags of Wasseypur’, and I got a call from Mukesh Chhabra. I was in Patna so returned after a few days. By then, they called someone else to play the character I was supposed to play. It was the role of Sultan (from ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’). I asked them why, but, after that, I did not get a call from that production house.

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