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Pak: Another girls school bombed in South Waziristan

In another tragic blow to girls’ education in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa amid the ongoing wave of terrorism, terrorists have targeted a girls’ school in Wana tehsil of South Waziristan, reports Geo News.

The north-western region of the country has been plagued by terrorist attacks since mid-2021, with several girls’ schools being targeted in KP districts.

The Sophia Noor School, established with the support of the Wana Welfare Association to educate girls in the remote and underdeveloped district, became a victim of bombing just weeks after its establishment.

According to Geo News, the attack comes just eight days after another school was destroyed in the southern districts.

On 9 May, the Islamia Girls School in Shewa town in North Waziristan was also bombed, fortunately there were no casualties.

The school bombing has instilled fear among residents of the province, who have been witnessing frequent attacks on educational institutions for years.

Reports suggest that construction work was going on in parts of Sophia Noor School when the blast occurred around 3 am, damaging a portion of the building.

Although no casualties have been reported, there have been claims on social media that the school administration has received extortion letters. However, the local people have completely rejected these allegations.

In KP, hundreds of schools faced bombings, arson or attacks with automatic weapons a decade ago. The situation has improved after police and security forces launched operations, but recent attacks on schools in Waziristan have raised concerns among the local population, Geo News reported.

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