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Opinion: The death of two actors was completely filmy, Gamzada actor committed suicide due to the death of his girlfriend.

What kind of death will our own death be? One day we will die, dying for you! Wow, what a great thing someone has written. But have you ever wondered what would happen if someone does this and passes away? It is one thing to fall in love and another to die in love. As simple as this line may seem, the same pain must have been felt by the person who sacrificed himself for the sake of love. A shocking incident came to light from the South Industry yesterday, which forced millions of people to wonder what kind of love it was that after the death of its girlfriend, it crucified itself. What South actor Chandrakant did may not be the reason but it is definitely heart-wrenching. Telugu television actor Chandrakant was known as Chandu. He has reportedly committed suicide at his home in Alkapur, Telangana. The news of his demise on Friday has deeply saddened the Telugu television industry. He did this after the tragic death of his girlfriend Pavitra Jayaram in a fatal road accident recently. In a statement given to the police by Chandrakant’s father, he said that he was suffering from depression after Pavitra’s departure.

Chandrakant and Pavitra Jayaram

This love is not easy…but at least try

According to reports, ‘Trinayani’ actress Pavithra Jayaram passed away a week ago in a tragic car accident and Chandrakanth was found dead at his home in Alkapur, Rangareddy district of Telangana. Reports also suggest that actor Chandrakant was found hanging in the same house in Alkapur where he and Pavitra Jayaram lived together. Both of them were not married at present. They were living in live-in. Pavitra’s untimely demise had a deep impact on him and his condition was very bad. He could not bear this shock and took his own life. Reports show that at the time of the accident, Pavitra was accompanied by her sister Apeksha, drivers Srikant and Chandrakant.

Chandrakant Pavitra Jayaram


Destroyed himself after girlfriend’s death

After Pavitra’s demise, Chandrakant had also shared a heart-breaking post, seeing which anyone would say that he was completely madly in love with her. While sharing the photo with Pavitra, he wrote, ‘I cannot digest the thought of leaving me alone, please come back. My Pavi is no more, please come back please. This is the last photo we took together. I can’t live without you. Just come once.’

Chandrakant Pavitra Jayaram

Chandrakant and Pavitra Jayaram

Pavitra was already married, still she fell in love with Chandrakant.

Chandrakant got fame from the TV serial ‘Trinayani’, while Pavitra was a famous TV personality, who was already married and had two children. After his tragic death, discussion about him has started everywhere. But Chandrakant’s sacrifice of his life after that is creating even more sensation. The thing to think about is that while some people are praying for both, some people also say that they were already doing wrong because Pavitra was married and despite this she was living with Chandrakant. He even has two children.

navbharat timesSad! Actor Chandrakant committed suicide 6 days after the death of girlfriend Pavitra Jayaram, before his death he said – please come back

Where is love complete like this?

Well, his personal issue may be something else but this incident has exposed the truth between the love shown in films and the ‘love accidents’ that happen in real life. From my point of view, it is not right at all that after losing our love, we even kill ourselves for that love. Because cherishing his memories and finding a better tomorrow with their help is everything. It does not fulfill your love that you also gave up your life but it proves you weak that you did not keep the dignity of that love also. Chandrakant should have taken the decision with a cool mind. He should have waited a little. He should have cherished Pavitra’s memories.

Note: The author’s views are his own. It has nothing to do with the institute.

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