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One Juice of Mango Will Give Full Benefit to the Body, Ayurveda Dr Told the Right Way to Eat It

Mango is called the king of fruits. This fruit available in summer is delicious and also very beneficial for health. People like to eat mangoes in summer. However, its nature is hot, hence its excessive consumption is also harmful. Many people start having problems like pimples on the face, mouth ulcers and constipation after eating too much mango. The reason for this is their wrong way of eating mangoes.

If you want that eating mango can only benefit you, then Ayurveda expert Dr. Varalakshmi has shared a video on Instagram. In this he has told that many people eat mangoes in the wrong way, due to which they suffer less benefits and more losses. Here’s how you can enjoy mangoes during the summer season.

Ayurveda expert shared video and told how to eat Mango

dip in water

After buying mango from the market, many people keep it in the fridge, so that it cools down. But this method is wrong. According to experts, before eating mango, it should be soaked in water for at least an hour. Actually, mangoes are hot and heavy, so soaking them for an hour makes them light and also removes the phytic acid present in them.

add cardamom

add cardamom

After cutting mango, do not eat it just like that. Adding cardamom to it and eating it is very beneficial. People who are allergic to mango or have problems with it, should especially adopt this method. This brings lightness to the mango, does not make you hot and also provides coolness to the body.

eat with hands

eat with hands

Many people like to eat mango with a fork for the sake of hygiene. Or some people also cut mango and eat it. But mango should always be eaten in hand. According to experts, it is easy to digest.

Keep in mind, eating mango as a whole fruit is a better option than making a shake or smoothie and drinking it. If you eat mango in the manner mentioned here, you will be able to enjoy this tasty and healthy fruit every summer.

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