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Now cooler water will not look dirty every 2 days, you just have to do these important things

Not everyone has the money to buy such an air conditioner. Even if you bring an air conditioner home, the rising electricity bill is shocking. That’s why many people still use coolers to get relief during summers. Which helps in keeping the room cool with cool air. Besides, the electricity bill is also less.

The biggest problem with the cooler is that it has to be filled with water every day. People do so much to get cool air, but people who keep coolers often face problems due to the water getting dirty again and again. Because the water starts appearing yellow just after 2 days of cleaning. Sometimes dirty water also starts smelling, in such a situation we are telling you the trick to get rid of this problem. By following these tips, the water in your cooler will not get dirty quickly.

keep cooler grass clean

Every two days, the reason for the water in the cooler turning yellow and looking like mud could be the grass in it. Actually, grass is planted on all three sides to provide cool air from the cooler. When the cooler runs, the water passes through the grass and gets mixed back into the water. Due to this, the dirt accumulated on the grass gets mixed with the water. In such a situation, if you want to keep the cooler water clean, then wash the grass thoroughly. Because if the grass is clean then the water in the cooler will also be clean.

clean the cooler properly

clean the cooler properly

The reason for the water in the cooler getting dirty quickly can also be the dirt in it. When the cooler is not cleaned properly, dirt accumulates on its fan or leaves. In such a situation, when the cooler is running, the dust gets blown with the air and gets mixed in the water. Therefore, it is important to clean the cooler properly. If you keep cleaning it every few days, then the water in the cooler will not become dirty.

Don’t make this mistake at all

Don't make this mistake at all

Many times people do not clean the cooler water properly due to laziness. Only when there is some water left in the cooler, more water is added. Due to this, due to re-mixing of water in dirty water, the entire water starts looking dirty. Therefore, if you want the cooler water to look dirty quickly, then do not make this mistake.

Remove cooler water like this

Remove cooler water like this

If there is difficulty in draining the water from the cooler, you can take the help of a pipe. For this, first of all switch off the cooler and remove the lid from one side. Now remove the pipe attached to the pump in the middle of the cooler from the top. Keep in mind that the pipe should be connected to the pump at the bottom. Then place a bucket under the cooler and put the pipe into the bucket. Now turn on the cooler, water will start coming into the bucket. Then see, the cooler will be empty within a short time. Now after completely cleaning the cooler, fill it with water again.

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