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‘Modi principle’ of austerity

Today Totaram said while holding the glass of tea – Master, it seems the tea has become cold. Get it heated again. We said – a lot of carbon emissions are occurring in the world due to misuse of energy. And then by heating the tea again and again, it becomes toxic in a way. That is why one should never drink tea at the bus stand or railway station. The tea vendors there are very clever. They pass off the tea as hot and fresh, immediately take the money and leave, leaving the customer sniffling. Can’t jump on a train for a cup of tea. Like politicians get votes by making false and emotional promises and then do not even show their face for five years. There is no provision for recall in this Indian democracy. Keep chiding throughout your life like that Indian Sannari whose faithful husband neither dies nor is of any use. Wasteful expenditure of vermilion and bindi.

Said- This is too much. Which planet’s life force will be destroyed in heating 50 ml of tea? We said – Thrift is very important not only for any individual, family and society but also for the survival of this world. Gandhiji used to say that this earth can satisfy everyone’s needs but not luxury and extravagance. Earlier people used water, fuel etc. economically, so there was no shortage of anything. Everyone’s stomach was filled in some way or the other and today, despite so much so-called development, even in a rich country like America, crores of people are struggling with poverty, hunger and deprivation. If people stop leaving food lying around then half the problem would be solved.

He said – shaving does not make the dead body lighter. We said- It is not so. We never know when the pot becomes empty drop by drop. Drop by drop it is filled with tears. Gandhiji had covered the nakedness of the people by spinning the charkha, people started getting work and the mills of Manchester, Britain started closing. He himself left the kurta, dhoti and turban and lived his life in only half dhoti. Met the King of Britain in this half-naked attire. The world kept watching. Churchill mocked him by calling him a ‘half naked fakir’.

Said- Similarly, in the 1979 film Golmaal, the hero Amol Palekar also impressed his employer Bhavani Shankar by wearing a short length kurta. Actually it was a great idea of ​​Hrishikesh Mukherjee to give the message of frugality. We said- This idea was not of Hrishikesh Mukherjee, but of Modi ji. Modi ji became a full-time campaigner in 1972 itself. At that time he needed a lot of time and energy to increase the strength of the Sangh. Then he halved the sleeves of his kurta to save ironing time and washing energy. And thus ‘Modi Kurta’ was invented. Whereas Nehru ji with the jacket was so luxurious that he used to wear full sleeve kurta.

Said- Whatever it may be, the people of Gujarat are thrifty. Three people can manage in one tea. Just then the tea seller brings two plates along with a cup. We said – But the economy that Modi ji achieved by reducing the length of the sleeves was equalized by increasing the length of the kurta. This is just like someone fasting during the day and having two meals in the evening.

Said- This is true Master, but why does this happen? Gandhiji adopted half dhoti once and then wore it throughout his life. We said – When we give up something out of compulsion or adopt it under ostentation, then it does not become a part of our life. Just like Gandhi had adopted half nudity voluntarily. Buddha and Mahavir had given up the kingdom on their own will, hence when the world became crazy about them, they did not build five-star ashrams like the Babas of today nor did they create lewd pastimes there.

Said- Then what is the implication of this scheme of CSIR that all the employees will come to duty on Monday wearing unpressed clothes. We said – This is also a ‘cut off half’ method of news making and economy. Otherwise, in our times people neither used to wear pressed clothes nor used to change their dresses daily. After returning from duty, he used to hang his shirt or kurta on a peg and the next day he used to wear the same again and go for duty. Beard also used to make sundaes.

Our principal used to say that he folds his pants and shirt and keeps them under his pillow, so in the morning they look as if they have been ironed. And this was the state of frugality when he was unmarried. As soon as he retired, he built his own two-room house and moved to his home in Agra. He used to earn money from the interest of the fund and he used to save it and give it to an orphanage for orphan children.

And these days, before going to someone’s funeral, they go to the beauty parlor. They change ten dresses a day and there is such a jolt and noise as if four people are carrying a press along with them and wherever they see any wrinkles, they turn the press. Gave . The question is not of energy but of image. Of decorated image. There are 55 cameras installed all around. Photos to be taken everywhere. The head servant has become a garment servant.

Disclaimer: The views expressed above are the author’s own.

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