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matter of citizens’ rights

Shailendra Pandey
Elections are going on in India and preparations are underway in America. There was a lot of noise in Bangladesh, whereas everything happened peacefully in Russia. On the other hand, Pakistan did not even know what happened in the elections. Ukraine, Brazil, Indonesia… from Africa to Europe and Asia – this is an election year for almost half the world’s population. The people of about 64 countries are going to elect their representatives. In some of these countries, elections will be held in name only. More will be made to be felt than what will happen. At the same time, the real strength of democracy will be seen in some countries. These different faces of elections are actually the face of that country as well, it is its identity.

Civic Nationalism, a form of nationalism there
When shared political values ​​and civil rights are made the basis of national identity instead of caste, religion or culture, it is called civic nationalism. In this, the country’s identity is based on values ​​like political principles, democracy, freedom and law. Whatever country it may be and whatever system it follows, it definitely tries to fit into the mold of Civic Nationalism, even if only a little. It is election season, so take the elections only. Elections are also a form of Civic Nationalism, which unites the entire country for a specific purpose.

India is the world’s largest democracy and America is the oldest.
The elections of both these countries are examples in themselves. The first Lok Sabha elections in India were held in the year 1951-52. He had made many records in his first attempt. It had been four years since the country became independent and no one in the world expected that more than 17 crore voters would be able to understand the importance of their franchise and use it. But, Indians proved everyone wrong. From then till today, every election in India has become bigger and grander than before. After every voting, the democratic system has become stronger than before. Similarly, in America, the election campaign is conducted between two leaders, but its threat is felt by the whole world.

The US has invested heavily in human rights, civil liberties and moral values. Both India and America are proud of their electoral process and civil system. However, there are countries like Syria, Mali, North Korea, Iran, Sudan, Azerbaijan, where the public does not get complete freedom to express their preferences. Have rights, but controlled by the system. Some countries try to appear liberal, while many do not even bother to pretend. Nevertheless, elections are the shining face of civic nationalism. Just as sports, business and conflict have connected the world, elections have also done the same.

Disclaimer: The views expressed above are the author’s own.

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