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Massive forest fire in Nainital, Air Force deployed MI-17 helicopters to extinguish the fire.

An official said that for the last 36 hours, forest fire has been spreading in the dense forests in the mountains around Nainital. He said the Indian Air Force (IAF) has deployed its personnel and MI-17 helicopters in fire extinguishing operations in the area. ,

According to officials, Indian Air Force helicopters are lifting water from the nearby Bhimtal Lake and spraying it in the area to control and eventually extinguish the forest fire.

Nainital Municipality Executive Officer Rahul Anand told ANI after aerial inspection that Mi-17 helicopters are carrying out jet-spraying on the affected areas amid the raging forest fire.

“I conducted aerial surveillance and can confirm that Indian Air Force helicopters have been involved in firefighting operations in the affected forests since this morning,” Anand said.

However, despite continuous efforts by the forest department and fire fighting Indian Air Force personnel, the fire has already engulfed several hectares of forested area, and the growing flames are yet to be completely brought under control.

According to the official, Indian Air Force helicopters conducted aerial survey over Nainital, Bhimtal and Sattal lakes, and identified suitable locations from where they could lift water for fire-fighting operations. Helicopters with sacks and buckets hanging from ropes were spraying water in the affected forests around Nainital till last reports were received.

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Earlier on Friday night, a massive fire broke out in Ladiyakata area of ​​Nainital Air Force Centre.

Apart from helicopter-based fire fighting efforts, ground crews have been battling the fire in the Ladiyakata area of ​​Nainital Air Force Station since Friday night.

Amid tireless efforts by the forest department and fire brigade personnel, the Army also joined the effort to control the spreading fire.

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