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Maharana Pratap had strengthened his military power by staying in Bheru Cave and Bandhiyagarh built in inaccessible forests.

Sirohi, Everyone knows the stories of bravery of Maharana Pratap, the brave son of Mewar. Every Indian is proud of his bravery. After losing to Akbar in the Haldi Ghati battle, Rana Pratap spent some time in exile. Read about their locations in detail in this news.

Sirohi state played an important role in helping Maharana Pratap during the bad times during his lifetime. Pratap spent two years of his life in the forests of Mount Abu, eating rotis of grass. From Gurushikhar, the highest peak of Aravalli, via a rocky trail via Utraj village, there is a place called Bheru Cave in the dense forest of Shergaon. Due to its extremely inaccessible place, it is not easy for everyone to reach this cave. Maharana Pratap stayed with his army in Bhairav ​​cave. Here he also established posts at many places, which even today tell the story of Maharana’s bravery.

Brave sons lived in the forest
Maharana Pratap also lived in Bandhiyagarh Fort in the Siava-Surapagala hills, about 35 kilometers from Mount Abu, during his exile. Even today, a long protective wall of huge stones remains on the highest peak of the mountain surrounded by forests and mountains. Between these walls, remains of a structure made of bricks of larger than normal size are visible. This structure is like a fort. The construction of Bandhiyagarh fort is said to be contemporary with Chandravati city.

Shivalinga of Maharana Pratap
There are also remains of an ancient temple near the Mambadi center of Bandhiyagarh. It has Shivalinga, fragmented Nandi and a statue of a goddess. Near this temple, there are some big carved stones and statues, which were placed above the entrance of the palace of ancient kings and emperors. There is also a natural pond and waterfall nearby. The elders of the village say that Maharana Pratap had also established Shivalinga here during his exile.

Sirohi helped in difficult times
After the Haldighati battle in 1576, when Maharana Pratap became weak, Akbar attacked Mewar with a huge army. Pratap had to spend some time in exile. When due to fear of Akbar, the ruler of any state did not extend his hand to help Maharana Pratap. On receiving information about Pratap going to his in-laws’ house in Idar, Gujarat, Akbar attacked there also. After that, the then king of Sirohi, Maharao Surtan, sent a message of help to Maharana Pratap with his army.

Bhamashah provided military help
With the help of Maharao Surtan of Sirohi, Maharana Pratap stayed in these forests for about 2 years. Bhamashah of Mewar had helped in strengthening the military force by handing over his treasury to Maharana Pratap. After strengthening the army and defeating the Mughal commander in the Battle of Diwar in 1584, Pratap re-established his supremacy over Mewar. Thus, regardless of Akbar, Sirohi King played an important role in changing the history of Mewar by helping Maharana Pratap in bad times.

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