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Knowing the quality of the product is a fundamental right, Supreme Court expanded the scope of Right to Health

New Delhi: The Supreme Court has said that under the Right to Health, the consumer also has the right to know about the quality of the product. In this way the court has expanded the scope of Right to Health. The court said, it is not only the responsibility of the manufacturer and service provider to provide information about the quality of the product, but it is also the responsibility of the media, celebrities and influencers promoting the product. Advertisers and advertising agencies and those promoting that product should work responsibly. They will also have to take responsibility as per the guidelines, so that the trust of the consumer is not broken. They should not be exploited.

Instructions given to advertising company also

The Supreme Court said, in case of misleading advertising, there is no concrete mechanism where consumers can lodge their complaints. To protect consumer rights under the ambit of Right to Health, the Court directed that advertisers and advertising agencies follow cable television network rules before releasing advertisements. The Supreme Court bench led by Justice Hima Kohli has given provisions regarding consumer rights in the order given in the Patanjali case. In this case, in the petition filed by IMA, it was said that misleading advertisements should be banned and regulated. The Supreme Court had issued a contention notice against Patanjali and others in the case and the Supreme Court has reserved its verdict in the matter.

Right to Health: People need to be aware
From time to time, the Supreme Court has given many decisions regarding Right to Health. Broadly defined. During Covid, the Supreme Court has said in an important decision on 18 December 2020 that Right to Health is a fundamental right. Under Right to Health, treatment should be within the pocket of common people. During the hearing in the climate change case, the Chief Justice had said that without a clean environment, the right to life is not fully realized. Now, after the decision given by the Supreme Court in the present case, the scope of Right to Health has become quite wide with these decisions. This is directly related to the common people, who need to be aware about this right.

DCGI seeks report on side effects of medical devicesThe Drugs Controller General of India (DCGI) has appealed to report side effects of medical devices. All medical device license holders and manufacturers have been directed to report any side effects of life-saving medical devices on the government’s MVPI platform, a step that is extremely important for health safety and to improve health services.

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