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Jungle safari for the entire family in just Rs 3000, tourists in this tiger reserve increased by one and a half times, you should also plan

Sea: If you are planning a family trip during the summer season, then Veerangana Durgavati Nauradehi Tiger Reserve is a great option for you. The beautiful views here and the thrilling sight of tigers will make the trip memorable. At the same time, due to the cheap and good facilities here, your pocket will not be affected much.

This is the largest tiger reserve in terms of area, which falls within the boundaries of Sagar, Damoh and Narsinghpur districts. Here 19 tigers move in 6 ranges. During the summer season, they are easily seen on the banks of rivers and ponds. Apart from tigers, bears, chinkara, sambar, chital, nilgai, barasingha, crocodile and elephant are also found here.

Beauty in Tiger Reserve
The plateau part is near the Vindhya mountain range. There are mixed and shallow forests here. More than 49 species of shrubs, more than 18 types of vines, more than 92 species of trees and more than 35 types of grass are found in the forest. There are also Mahua, Karanj, Bel, Khair and Tendu trees. Due to the presence of open forests and large grassy fields, apart from wild animals like leopard, wolf, wild dog, more than 250 species of birds, aquatic, amphibians and herbivorous-carnivorous creatures are seen here.

Facilities at these rates
Let us tell you that entry into Nauradehi Tiger Reserve is Rs 125 per person. After this, if you want to go on safari then a gypsy can be booked for Rs 2000. 6 people can enjoy safari in one gypsy. A guide to tour the site is available for Rs 300. In such a situation, you can enjoy safari for Rs 3000. Apart from this, there are also rooms to stay in the rest house, in which the fare for non-AC room ranges from Rs 1000 to Rs 1500 (24 hours). Whereas the rent of AC service room is Rs 2000. Local and simple food is available here at very low prices. In this context, if you come to the Tiger Reserve with your family, you can enjoy jungle safari and stay in less than Rs 5000.

Two gates of Tiger Reserve operational
To enter the Tiger Reserve, entry is currently available from Hinoti Gate and Bina Gate. Tourists coming via Sagar, Damoh, Jabalpur can take entry from Hinauti Gate. Those coming from Narsinghpur side can take entry from Bina Gate. Currently, there are four gypsies here who conduct safaris. At the same time, to book tickets, you can contact the nodal officer on number 8305626940 or get other information.

Expansion of facilities in Tiger Reserve
Deputy Director of Tiger Reserve, Dr. AA Ansari said that to promote tourism, entry fees etc. in the Tiger Reserve have been increased. The facilities here are continuously expanding. The movement of tigers has also increased from one range to all 6 ranges. Tourists are also seeing them. This is the reason why after converting the sanctuary into a tiger reserve, the number of tourists here has increased by one and a half times.

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