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IPL Playoffs: Delhi’s mind will spin after seeing the playoff equation, even if it wins, there will be a problem with CSK-RCB-SRH

New Delhi. There is a match between Delhi Capitals and Lucknow Supergiants on Tuesday in IPL 2024. Both the teams will take the field with hopes of making the playoffs. But it does not seem so easy to bring hope to the ground. Especially for Delhi Capitals, who are playing their last league match. There are so many ifs and buts about Delhi’s chances of reaching the playoffs that it can make your mind spin. Let’s see how.

Kolkata Knight Riders have made it to the IPL playoffs. Mumbai Indians, Punjab Kings and Gujarat Titans are out of this race. Now there is competition between six teams for the 3rd place in the playoff. Two of these teams, Delhi Capitals and Lucknow Supergiants, will face each other today on Tuesday.

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Talking about Delhi Capitals, this is their 14th match. He currently has 12 points from 6 wins. Delhi’s netrate is -0.482. For this reason, it seems impossible for him to make it to the playoffs. Because even if it wins, it will get only 14 points. Rajasthan Royals (16) and Chennai Super Kings (14), Sunrisers Hyderabad (14) are ahead in the race for the playoffs. The biggest thing is that the netnetrate of these three teams is positive. In such a situation, the path to Delhi is not easy.

If Delhi Capitals has to play the playoffs, then its ‘conditions’ are something like this.
1. Delhi team defeated Lucknow Supergiants by at least 64 runs. With this, Delhi’s score will be 14 points. Apart from this, Lucknow’s hopes of reaching 16 points will be lost.
2. After this, Delhi should hope that Sunrisers Hyderabad loses both its matches and the total margin of defeat (both matches) is at least 150 runs.
3. Chennai Super Kings team defeated Royal Challengers Bangalore. With this, Chennai will go into the playoffs with 16 points and Bengaluru’s run rate will reduce. Currently the run rate of RCB is 0.387.
4. Lucknow Supergiants team may also lose its last match. Lucknow’s last match will be against Mumbai Indians.

Now it is okay till Delhi Capitals wins. But it is too much to expect that the result of every match will be as per Delhi’s wish, due to which its chances of playing playoffs are linked.

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