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IPL Playoff Scenario: RCB is in the race for playoffs on the strength of Kohli, know how it can reach…this is the mathematics

New Delhi. Royal Challengers Bangalore was once at the bottom i.e. 10th in the IPL points table. RCB fans also started losing hope of the playoffs. But Virat Kohli’s strong game has changed the situation. RCB has re-entered itself in the race for the playoffs by winning 4 consecutive matches. Not only this, he has also spoiled the game of Chennai Super Kings, Lucknow Supergiants and Delhi Capitals. Let us know whether RCB can still reach the playoffs. If yes then how? What is the equation?

Before understanding the equation of IPL playoff, it is important to know the position of all the teams in the points table. Royal Challengers Bangalore have 10 points after a spectacular win over Punjab Kings. Its run rate is also 0.217, which is better than Lucknow and Delhi. The teams of Chennai, Delhi and Lucknow are at fourth, fifth and sixth position respectively in the points table with 12 points each. The first three places are Kolkata Knight Riders (16), Rajasthan Royals (16) and Sunrisers Hyderabad (14).

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There are still two matches left in the tournament of Royal Challengers Bangalore. He has to play both these matches at his home ground M Chinnaswamy. There are many conditions for RCB to go to the playoffs. The first of these is that he won both his matches. If this happens then his score will be 14 points.

RCB matches with which team?
Now let us know against which teams the matches of Royal Challengers Bangalore are. He has to play against Delhi Capitals on 12th May and Chennai Super Kings on 18th May. Both these matches of RCB are do or die. If it beats Delhi then both the teams will have equal points. But RCB will overtake Delhi due to better run rate. Even if Delhi wins its last match after this, its chances of going to the playoffs will be very less due to negative run rate.

Three matches left for Chennai Super Kings
The biggest obstacle in the path of RCB to the playoffs is the team of Chennai Super Kings, which has 12 points and the run rate is also positive (0.700). He still has three matches left. Even after winning one match, it will remain firmly in the race for the playoffs. RCB’s chances of making playoffs will be clear only if CSK either loses all three of its matches or loses two matches by a big margin. If CSK loses 2 matches then its run rate may drop slightly.

In IPL 2024, a sixer is being hit on every 13th ball, double the number of sixes hit since 2009, a new record is going to be made.

Lucknow Supergiants also in the race
Lucknow Supergiants have 12 points from 12 matches. If they win both the matches then RCB’s hopes are over. But if Lucknow wins one match then it will be stuck at 14 points. His run rate is very bad (-0.769). If two or more teams have equal 14-14 points, then Lucknow is certain to be out of the playoff race. RCB can also get the benefit of Lucknow being out.

RCB benefited from the victory of KKR-RR
Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) and Rajasthan Royals (RR) are in safe position with 16 points each. Both the teams have 3-3 matches left. RCB would like these teams to win all their matches, so that Chennai, Delhi and Lucknow do not get a chance to go further.

Lucknow-Delhi match decisive
The match between Lucknow Supergiants and Delhi on 14th May will also be decisive. Whichever team wins among these will get 14 points. In such a situation, if seen from RCB’s point of view, it is necessary for Lucknow and Delhi to lose one match each because if any team wins both the matches then it will get 16 points.

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