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IPL Playoff Scenario: Can Hyderabad play the playoffs even after losing to Mumbai, will it be a do or die battle with LSG?

New Delhi. Clouds of doubt are looming over Sunrisers Hyderabad reaching the playoffs, having scored scores like 266, 277, 287 in IPL 2024. Mumbai Indians gave a huge blow to Sunrisers Hyderabad by defeating them by 7 wickets on Monday. This is the fifth defeat of Hyderabad. Can Sunrisers Hyderabad reach the playoffs even after this defeat? The answer is yes, but he is going to face tough challenge from at least 2 teams in this path.

Before knowing the equation of IPL playoff, let us look at the points table. In this, two teams Kolkata Knight Riders and Rajasthan Royals have 16-16 points. After this, three teams Sunrisers Hyderabad, Chennai Super Kings and Lucknow Supergiants have 12 points each. Delhi Capitals is at sixth position with 10 points. By the way, no team is officially out of the playoff race right now. But in true sense the competition is only between the top-6 teams.

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Sunrisers Hyderabad now have to play 3 more league matches in the tournament. Chennai and Lucknow also have to play the same number of matches. That means there is little to no margin for error for anyone. Sunrisers Hyderabad will face Lucknow Supergiants on 8th May. In a way, it is a do or die match for both the teams. The team that wins this match will have the possibility of reaching 18 points. The losing team will not be able to progress beyond 16 points.

If Sunrisers Hyderabad defeats Lucknow, then its next two matches will be against relatively weak teams Gujarat Titans and Punjab Kings. It is true that in a tournament like IPL, no team can be called weak, but at least from the position of the points table, it can be assumed that these teams are not in full swing.

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Hyderabad’s last league match on 19th
One more thing goes in favor of Sunrisers Hyderabad. He has to play his last league match (against Punjab) on 19 May. Lucknow Supergiants will play their last match on 17th May and Chennai Superkings on 18th May. This means that Sunrisers Hyderabad will have a clear idea of ​​the net run rate situation, which it can take advantage of. The way the playoff equation is complicated in IPL 2024, it seems that only the net run rate will ensure the entry of the fourth team.

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