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IPL: Delhi Capitals can still qualify for the playoffs, this work will have to be done, understand the whole equation

New Delhi. The 62nd match of IPL 2024 will be played today on 12th May between Delhi Capitals and Royal Challengers Bangalore. Both teams are ready for this. Delhi’s chances of reaching the playoffs are slightly higher than RCB. But it will not be easy for them to qualify. Let us understand how Delhi Capitals team can qualify for the playoffs and what they will have to do for this.

If Delhi Capitals has to qualify for the playoffs, they will have to win both their remaining matches. Besides, the net run rate will also have to be improved. Delhi’s net run rate is in minus. Delhi will have to win both its remaining matches by a big margin. However, Hyderabad and Chennai Super Kings can defeat Delhi Capitals. Actually, if Delhi wins both its remaining matches then they will have 16 points in their account.

The first team of IPL playoff is confirmed, now only 3 places are vacant, 2 teams have strong claims, who will get the last seat?

Sunrisers Hyderabad team currently has 14 points and Chennai has 12 points. Both the teams have 2-2 matches left. If Hyderabad wins their next match then they will almost qualify for the playoffs. Because they will have 16 points. His net run rate is also in plus point so it will be easy for him. At the same time, if Chennai Super Kings also wins both their remaining matches and their net run rate is higher than Delhi, then they will qualify.

Lucknow can also spoil the game
Lucknow Supergiants currently have 12 points in their account. If they also win both their remaining matches and their net runs are better than Delhi, then their chances of qualifying may increase. But there is very little hope that they will qualify. KKR team has already qualified, while Rajasthan Royals team is also almost certain to qualify. Gujarat Titans and Bengaluru are almost on the verge of elimination.

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