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IPL 2024 Playoffs: Playoff doors closed for 5 teams, now only competition is left between these teams

New Delhi. The doors to the playoffs are closed for the 5 teams of the Indian Premier League 2024. These teams include 5-time champion Mumbai Indians, Punjab Kings, Gujarat Titans, Delhi Capitals and Lucknow Supergiants. The teams of Mumbai, Punjab and Gujarat were out of the title race long ago. Delhi and Lucknow’s playoff hopes ended when the match between Sunrisers Hyderabad and Gujarat Titans was canceled due to rain.

The race of IPL playoffs can be easily understood from the points table. Currently, Kolkata Knight Riders (19), Rajasthan Royals (16) and Hyderabad (15) are at the first three positions in the points table. All these three teams have made it to the playoffs. Chennai Super Kings (14 points, 0.528) are currently in the top-4. But it is not decided yet whether Chennai will play the playoffs. He is facing challenge from Royal Challengers Bangalore. RCB is currently at sixth position with 12 points.

IPL Point Table: The point table game became interesting due to rain, SRH benefited, but the fate of 2 teams was washed away.

Delhi in top-5, still out of playoff race
Delhi Capitals (14 points, -0.377) is at fifth position in the points table. Despite this, it is out of the race for the playoffs. Because now all his matches are over. That means there can be no improvement in his points or run rate. This means that Delhi will remain below Chennai or Bengaluru in the points table. The match between Chennai and Bengaluru is to be held on Saturday. If Chennai wins, it will get 16 points. If Bengaluru wins, it will have 14 points. Due to better run rate, it will remain above Delhi in the points table.

Lucknow Super Giants will now play for prestige
Like Delhi Capitals, Lucknow Supergiants was in the race for the playoffs till a day ago. But due to the cancellation of Hyderabad-Gujarat match, Lucknow’s remaining hope has ended. Now even if she wins her last match, she will not be able to go beyond 14 points. His run rate is -0.787. This means that even if he wins his last match by a margin of 200 runs, his run rate will still remain negative.

It is clear that KKR, Rajasthan, Hyderabad have reached the playoffs. There is a competition between Chennai and Bengaluru to become the fourth team of the playoff. Rest of the teams are out of this race.

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