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IPL 2024…otherwise bowlers will disappear like dinosaurs: Indian bowlers who have won 2 World Cups are afraid.

New Delhi. The amount of runs being rained in IPL 2024 has never happened before in the history of this tournament. In this T20 league, which started on March 22, 14 centuries have been scored, which is the highest in its history. More than 1100 sixes have been hit in the tournament. Currently, only 62 matches have been played in the tournament and scores of 200 or more have been scored 36 times. When Harbhajan Singh was asked a question on this rain of runs, he expressed fear that the bowlers might disappear like dinosaurs.

Harbhajan Singh and Ambati Rayudu answered the questions of selected journalists in a special program of Star Sports on Monday. In the programme, many questions were asked on topics like the current journey of IPL, future prospects, retirement of MS Dhoni. A question was also asked that this time in IPL, scores greater than 200 have been made many times, so should the criteria for judging bowlers be changed, such as average or economy rate? In response to this question, Harbhajan Singh said that not only the bowlers, the criteria for judging the batsmen will also have to be changed because the form of any batsman cannot be accurately estimated from the kind of flat pitches the matches are being played on.

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Harbhajan Singh further said, ‘If you play the match on such a pitch where the bowlers have lost their lives, then the thrill of cricket will also be less. Cricket is interesting only as long as there is a battle between ball and bat. If a lot of runs continue to be scored like this, then just as dinosaurs have disappeared, bowlers will also disappear. No one will have to become a bowler again. Therefore, from my point of view, either there should be some grass on the pitch or it should provide some help to the spinner. ,

Harbhajan Singh also said that the rule of impact player should also be abolished from IPL. If this does not happen then you will see that next year bowling machines will be seen bowling instead of bowlers. The bowlers will raise their hands. He said that the impact player has made a difference of 30-40 runs. Let us tell you that Harbhajan Singh has been a member of the Indian team that won the World Cup in 2007 and 2011. He has taken 711 wickets including Test, ODI and T20 International matches.

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