Tuesday, May 28th, 2024

Indian warship helps Pakistani crew on board Iranian fishing vessel

An Indian Navy spokesperson said that the Indian Navy has responded to a distress call and provided critical medical assistance to a Pakistani crew member aboard the Iranian fishing vessel Al Rahmani.

According to a statement issued by the Indian Navy spokesperson on X, INS Sumedha, a warship deployed for anti-piracy operations in the Arabian Sea, intercepted the fishing vessel Al Rahmani on the morning of April 30. Medical clearance was granted to the vessel and crew members.

The spokesperson said, “In immediate response to a distress call, #INSSumedha, mission deployed for #antipiracy ops in the #ArabianSea provided critical medical assistance to an Iranian FV (with 20 Pakistani crew) in case of sinking of one . This is a crew member.”

“Responding rapidly to the distress call, INS Sumedha #30 intercepted FV Al Rahmani in the early hours of 24 April. The ship’s boarding team and medical experts boarded the FV and provided medical assistance to the crew member, who was Were experiencing difficulty breathing with active seizures,” it added.

An Indian Navy spokesperson said that following medical management, the patient became conscious and was medically relieved.

“After medical management, the patient was oriented, conscious and clinically relieved. “The tireless efforts of the mission deployed units of the #IndianNavy symbolize its steadfast commitment towards the safety and support of sailors operating in the field,” an Indian Navy spokesperson posted on Twitter.

On April 28, the Indian warship, INS Kochi, responded to a maritime security incident involving an attack on a Panama-flagged crude oil tanker, the Indian Navy said in a statement. (ANI)

The distressed oil tanker was intercepted by an Indian Naval ship and aerial reconnaissance was conducted by an Indian Navy helicopter to assess the situation.

Additionally, an Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) team was also deployed on the distressed ship for residual risk assessment.

The Indian Navy said in its statement that a total of 30 crew (including 22 Indian nationals) are reported safe and the ship is continuing its scheduled transit to the next port.

“The prompt action of the IN ship reiterates the commitment and resolve of the Indian Navy in protecting the sailors transiting through the area,” it said.

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