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Impact of farmer movement, Barmer-Rishikesh train will not go to Haridwar for 3 days

Report- Manmohan Seju
barmer, Due to the ongoing farmers’ movement in Punjab, rail traffic is still disrupted. Some trains going to and from the North are cancelled, some have their trips reduced and some have their routes diverted. Now thousands and lakhs of passengers are facing problems. Two trains running from Barmer in Rajasthan have also been affected.

The impact of Punjab’s farmers’ movement is continuously being seen on the Railways. Due to the farmers’ movement, many trains have been canceled for a long time and the routes of many trains have been changed. Due to farmers’ agitation on Ambala division of Northern Railway, rail traffic will be affected in the next three days. Two trains running from Barmer will also be partially canceled from April 29 to May 1.

Barmer-Jammuthavi now till Delhi
According to Captain Shashi Kiran, Chief Public Relations Officer of North Western Railway, due to the farmers’ movement, train number 14661 Barmer-Jammuthavi running from Barmer will run only till Delhi from April 29 to May 01. It will remain canceled beyond Delhi till Jammu Tawi. Similarly, train number 14662 Jammu Tawi-Barmer train service will be run from Delhi instead of running from Jammu Tawi from April 29 to May 01.

Rishikesh-Barmer will no longer go to Haridwar
Train number 14887 Rishikesh-Barmer train service will run from 29th April to 01st May only up to Bathinda. That means this train will not go to Rishikesh nor will it come from Rishikesh. Similarly, train number 14888 Barmer- Rishikesh running from Barmer will run till Bathinda only from 29th April to 01st May. She will not go to Rishikesh.

Passengers going to Haridwar worried
Many people travel to Haridwar every day by Barmer-Rishikesh Express train. Many people go to bathe in the Ganga. A large number of people go to Haridwar by this train for the immersion of ashes. Now the movement of the train till Bathinda only has become a big problem for the passengers going to Haridwar. Travelers have to find other means to reach Haridwar. Due to the agitation for the last several days, Barmer-Rishikesh train is being run till Bathinda only.

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