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IGIA: The girl was in CISF uniform, became suspicious after seeing her actions, this was revealed during interrogation

airport: This matter pertains to Terminal 2 of Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport. At around 8 pm, constable Ravi Tomar, profiler of the Intelligence Wing of the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF), was on patrol outside Terminal 2. Meanwhile, he saw a young woman, wearing CISF camouflage, near the staff canteen near the Eraville terminal. uniform Was wearing.

After observing for some time, CISF constable Ravi Tomar became suspicious of this girl. Due to which, he immediately informed his top officials in this regard. After receiving instructions from top officers, he approached the girl roaming around in CISF uniform and started talking to her. During the conversation, this girl told that she is posted in Delhi Metro Corporation.

After talking to this suspicious girl for some time, Constable Ravi was convinced that she had nothing to do with CISF. After which, Constable Ravi Tomar also called the CISF lady constable standing at a distance to the spot. This suspicious girl was taken into custody and taken to CISF control, where her interrogation was started in the presence of top officials.

This item was found in the bag recovered from the possession of a suspicious girl
Senior Airport Security Officer said that a bag has also been recovered from this suspicious woman, in which khaki uniform of CISF and soldier batch were kept. He told that during interrogation, this suspicious girl once again reiterated that she is posted in the security of Delhi Metro. But, she could neither show her I-card nor give any correct information related to the posting.

These shocking things came to light during police interrogation
He told that after initial interrogation, this suspicious girl was handed over to IGI Airport Police. During the interrogation of the airport police, it was revealed that the name of this girl is Anjali Ojha. He is not working in CISF, but in a private company located in Khanpur area of ​​Delhi. She had come to the airport to receive someone close to her. After this disclosure of the girl, the airport police registered a case under section 171 of the IPC and arrested her.

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