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If you are planning to travel in summer then go to Kashmir of Chhattisgarh, here you will enjoy romance with the historical fort.

Korba. Chhattisgarh is a tribal dominated state. Naxal affected. But this is a state full of natural beauty and wealth. There are many natural and mystery-thrill tourist places here. Korba district here is also an area surrounded by greenery and hills. Here is Chaiturgarh, one of the highest peaks of the Maikal mountain range, which is also known as ‘Kashmir of Chhattisgarh’.

There are many natural-religious places in Korba. Here, Maa Mahishasur Mardini Temple is situated on a high mountain in the lap of nature, which is a center of attraction for the tourists coming to Chhattisgarh. Due to being at such a height, the temperature here does not go above 30 degrees even during summer. Especially the temple of Goddess Mata remains particularly cold. Here there is the historical fort of Chaiturgarh, Maa Mahishasur Mardini Temple, Shankar Khol Cave, high mountain peaks all around, lush green forests full of rich biodiversity, waterfalls that fascinate the Mother Goddess which attract the tourists. This is a perfect tourist place to visit during summer holidays.

Chaiturgarh Fort made of rocks
Chaiturgarh is one of the major tourist destinations of Korba district. It is located about 70 kilometers away from the district headquarters. According to historians, this fort was built in 1069 AD. It was built by King Prithvidev I. Chaiturgarh Fort was one of the 36 forts of Chhattisgarh. It was made of rocks for security. Archaeologists consider it to be one of the strongest natural forts in the country. There are three main gates to enter the fort. The names of these entrance gates are Singhdwar, Maneka, Omkara gate.

How to reach Chaiturgarh
To reach this fort situated on Chaiturgarh hill, you will have to climb rugged rocks. But the fun here becomes double for those doing trekking along with walking amidst nature. When you reach the height of the mountain, you will be surprised to see some things. The fort is spread over about five square kilometers. There are also five ponds at this height.

Durga took rest after killing Mahishasura
Devotees coming to visit Mahishasur Mardini temple have kept Chaiturgarh Fort alive even today. This center of faith of the people provides amazing peace. Due to its location at a high altitude, the temperature here remains between 25 to 30 degrees even during the hottest summer days. It is said that after a journey, when King Prithvidev I was resting here, Mother Goddess came in his dream and asked him to build a temple here. Another belief of the people is that after killing Mahishasura, Mother Durga took some rest here, hence it is known as Mahishasura Mardini Mantri.

lie down in a narrow cave
The lush green forests around Chaiturgarh, gurgling waterfalls and the sweet sound of birds are soothing to the heart and mind. Here you will find the Shankar Khola cave which looks like a tunnel and is about 25 feet long from inside. Due to it being very narrow while going inside, one can enter this cave only by crawling or on knees. It is said that during the fight between Lord Shiva and Bhasmasur, both had come here.

How to reach and what facilities will be available
You can reach Korba by cab after reaching Swami Vivekananda International Airport Raipur. By road, Chaiturgarh is located at a distance of about 50 km from Korba Bus Stand and 55 km from Bilaspur Bus Stand. On top of Chaiturgarh mountain, the Forest Department has constructed cottages for tourists to stay. Also SECL has built a rest house here.

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