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I was sitting with the PM when… Foreign Minister Jaishankar called and told me every single thing related to stopping the Russia-Ukraine war.

New Delhi : Lok Sabha elections are going on in the country. Among the election issues, things like tension in India-Canada relations, border dispute with China, relations with America in Pannu case are also being discussed. Meanwhile, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar in an interview highlighted the strain in relations with Canada after the murder of Hardeep Singh Nijjar, the Indian government’s role in evacuating Indian students during the Russia-Ukraine war, and the LAC with China. Discussed the situation in detail. Apart from this, the Foreign Minister also expressed his opinion regarding Shah vs Modi in the elections.

‘I was sitting with the PM only’

External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar mentioned in an interview to Hindustan Times that PM Modi had spoken to Russian President Vladimir Putin and Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Zelensky during the Sumy rescue. PM Modi said, ‘Look this is very, very important, you know, we want your forces to stand and give us way. Our officers will work on details in this regard. After this he gave instructions. The Foreign Minister said that I actually sat with the Prime Minister, and he called Putin and Zelensky. Jaishankar said that strengthen the hands of Narendra Modi because he is really the person who will support you in the stormy times. Praising his government’s efforts in moving ‘from one crisis to another’, the External Affairs Minister said that as we move forward in these difficult circumstances, you need very firm, steady, experienced hands.

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What is America saying in Pannu case?

In the Gurpatnam Singh Pannu case, Jaishankar said that the Americans brought some data, points to our attention. The data points were specific enough, serious enough for us to say. The External Affairs Minister said, ‘Okay, we should investigate it, because it was not just an implication for them. We also assess some of the implications for us in those data points. So I think that’s what’s happening. But apart from this, should I say anything publicly? So my answer is no. On Canada’s allegations over the killing of Hardeep Singh Nijjar last year, Jaishankar said our relationship has become a victim of ‘Canadian alliance, compulsions or political football, whatever you call it’.

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‘Situation of border dispute with China’

Regarding the border dispute with China, the Foreign Minister said that the situation on LAC is that even today both of us are deployed ahead, which means that we are deployed far ahead of our traditional bases and camps. Secondly, we are deployed in far greater numbers than before 2020. We are also deployed. He said that we have much more weapons than before 2020. They did it first, we responded to it, so they are responsible for it… So, right now, the focus is on how we can resolve the patrolling issues. Jaishankar said that discuss about soldiers, weapons… this is the aspect of reducing tension.

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Narendra Modi vs Amit Shah

On comparison with PM Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah, the External Affairs Minister said that different people have different styles of conversation and conveying their ideas to others. The External Affairs Minister said that if you look at people like Prime Minister Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah, some of these people are exceptionally effective in connecting with the public. The Foreign Minister said that I feel I am more comfortable and more effective in doing things like town halls.

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