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Have you ever seen a floating market? Buy goods while riding on a boat, there is such a location in India too

Floating Market in Bangkok: Jacqueline Fernandez is very fond of travelling. Recently he was seen traveling to Bangkok. Like Jacqueline, many people are fond of travelling. They make plans to visit different places and set out to explore. If you are also interested in knowing the culture and traditions of others, then definitely include Bangkok in your travel list. There is a floating market in Bangkok itself, which people come from far and wide to see. Jacqueline was also seen strolling in the floating market. He has also shared his pictures on the social media platform Instagram. Let us know about this unique market…

Floating market means a market where people sell goods on boats floating on water. There is a floating market in Bangkok because most of the community here lives here. If history is to be believed, the concept of floating market came from here. Bangkok’s most famous floating market is Damoen Saduak in Ratchaburi. It is a center of attraction for tourists. Here you will easily find vegetables, fruits, spices and other food items floating on boats.

Where is the floating market in India?
There is also a floating market in Dal Lake of Jammu and Kashmir, India. Here too people sell goods floating on boats. There is also a floating vegetable market in Patuli, Kolkata. Here more than 200 vendors sell goods sitting on boats. Fish, fruits, vegetables and spices can be seen on boats. Apart from this, there is also a 200 year old floating market in Bangladesh.

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Floating market exists in Vietnam since 4500 years ago
Floating markets have existed in Vietnam for many generations. Archaeologists have found evidence that extensive trading networks existed in Vietnam’s river deltas as early as 4500 years ago. The Mekong Delta is where many weekly markets are held. It is a center of attraction for tourists.

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