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Hansal Mehta may be in trouble! Sahara family issued a statement condemning the ‘Scam 2010’ series

Filmmaker Hansal Mehta on May 16 announced the third installment of his scam franchise ‘Scam 2010 – The Subrata Roy Saga’. The series will be based on Tamal Bandyopadhyay’s book, ‘Sahara: The Untold Story’, and will focus on the life and story of the late businessman, who founded business group Sahara India Pariwar in 1978. Now after getting information about this project, reaction has come from Sahara Parivar. In the statement issued by Sahara India Parivar, it has condemned this series calling it cheap and widespread publicity. ‘The Sahara India family condemns all individuals and parties involved and protests their abusive behaviour. And will also seek advice on taking legal action against all those involved.

Sahara India’s statement

Sahara India Parivar believes that the dispute between SEBI and Sahara is still going on in the Supreme Court and any attempt to influence the proceedings of this case will amount to contempt of court. ‘Besides, doing so would be a crime. Under the guise of freedom of speech and action, no one can be allowed to undermine the goodwill and reputation of a person who is not there to defend himself.’

Hansal Mehta’s series was called insulting

The statement further said, ‘The use of the word scam in the title of the web-series and associating it with Sahara is derogatory, and hurts the image of Sahara Ji and the Sahara India family. Sahara India Parivar has never been involved in any chit fund activity. Even the Sahara-SEBI issue was a dispute over SEBI’s jurisdiction over OFCD bonds issued by Sahara.’

Hansal Mehta’s reaction

At the same time, when ‘Hindustan Times’ talked to Hansal Mehta, he said, ‘I am shooting in UK. I am not aware of this. The people concerned will respond to this. Let us tell you that the filmmaker is shooting his next series ‘Gandhi’ with Prateek Gandhi in UK.

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