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Gujarat tops in seizure of misuse of cash in elections, know who is at second place?

New Delhi: In the two months since the announcement of Lok Sabha election dates, enforcement agencies have seized cash, liquor, drugs, precious metals and ‘freebies’ worth nearly Rs 9,000 crore from across the country. This amount is more than two and a half times the total seizures made during the entire 2019 general election period. With three more rounds of voting taking place in the next two weeks, the total number of seizures is expected to increase during this general election.How many items were seized?
According to the Election Commission data released on Saturday, of the total seizures of Rs 8,889 crore, drugs and narcotics accounted for about 45%, followed by ‘freebies’ at 23% and precious metals at 14%. The agencies have also seized Rs 849 crore in cash and about 5.4 crore liters of liquor worth Rs 815 crore. Among all states and Union Territories, seizures in value terms were maximum in Gujarat at around Rs 1,462 crore, mainly due to the recent joint operation conducted by Gujarat ATS, Narcotics Control Bureau and Indian Coast Guard, which led to Rs 892 crore. There were three high value seizures of drugs worth Rs. Rajasthan ranks second in the list where maximum ‘freebies’ worth about Rs 757 crore were seized by the enforcement agencies.

How much goods were seized from which state?

State Cash ((Cr) Drugs(Cr) Alcohol(Cr) Freebies (Cr) Total(Cr)
Gujarat 8.61 1,187.80 29.76 107.00 1,461.73
Rajasthan 42.30 216.42 48.29 756.77 1,133.82
Punjab 15.45 665.67 22.62 7.04 734.54
Maharashtra 75.49 265.51 49.17 107.46 685.81
Delhi 90.79 358.42 2.64 6.46 653.31

More than the figures of 2019
The Election Commission said that actions against drugs have also been taken in these elections. Apart from Gujarat, seizure of drugs has also been reported in Maharashtra and Delhi. On April 17, police had busted a drug factory in Greater Noida from where 26.7 kg of MDMA worth Rs 150 crore was seized and two foreigners were arrested. The Election Commission pointed out that seizures in other groups have been equally impressive and have even surpassed the total seizures of the 2019 parliamentary elections by a large margin. Increased vigilance against temptations, including drugs and psychotropic substances, has resulted in larger seizure crackdowns and continued growth. The Election Commission said that the recovery of drugs has been the highest. According to the Election Commission, analysis of the data shows that states and union territories which used to be transit zones are now fast becoming ‘consumption zones’.

This state is number 1 in the matter of confiscation of liquor

In terms of illegal movement of liquor, Karnataka tops the list with around 1.5 crore liters of liquor seized, followed by Maharashtra. About 62 lakh liters of liquor was seized here. Telangana leads among states and union territories in cash seizure with Rs 114 crore

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