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Ganguly-Kaif-Shami…a pair of cricketer brothers! Some played for Team India and some could not progress beyond domestic level.

New Delhi. Many pairs of brothers (including three and four brothers) have played at the international level in the game of cricket. The most famous names among these pairs are Australia’s Chappell brothers – Ian, Greg and Trevor, Waugh brothers – Steve and Mark, Morsh brothers – Shaun and Mitchell, Lee brothers – Brett and Shane, New Zealand’s Crowe brothers – Martin and Jeff, South Africa’s Morkel brothers – Albie and Morne and Zimbabwe’s Flower brothers – Andy and Grant. These brothers played together in international cricket. Due to his sporting skills, he not only made many records but also played an important role in many victories of the team. The names of India’s Pathan brothers – Irfan and Yusuf and Pandya brothers – Hardik and Krunal can also be included in this.

Apart from this, there are some pairs of brothers in India who played top level cricket. But one brother was successful in making a place in the Indian team while the other was deprived of it despite showing immense talent. Let us look at such prominent pairs of brothers in which one brother played international cricket while the other had a long career in domestic cricket but could never play for the Indian team.

This batsman was out for 99 runs in the test, could never score a century again in his career.

Sourav Ganguly and Snehasish Ganguly
Snehasish Ganguly, elder brother of Sourav Ganguly, who was one of the successful captains of Team India, has also been an excellent cricketer and has played for West Bengal in many matches. Snehasish was an attractive left-handed batsman. Despite being right handed, Sourav started batting with his left hand just to use his cricket kit. Sourav played 113 Test and 311 ODI matches for India. He has 7212 runs and 32 wickets in Test cricket and 11363 runs and 100 wickets in his name in ODI. On the other hand, the career of Snehasish, who was four years older than Sourav, came to an end after 58 first class and 18 List A matches. In first class cricket, 2534 runs with the help of 6 centuries and 275 runs in List A matches are recorded in the name of Snehasish.

4-4-0-2… A bowler who has bowled all four maiden overs in T20I will also play in the World Cup.

Mohammad Kaif and Mohammad Saif

Mohammad Kaif, who played 13 Tests and 125 ODI matches, was also recognized as a great fielder. On the field he looked as agile as a leopard. He caught even the most difficult catches with ease and also contributed to the victory of the Indian team by making many excellent run outs. Under the captaincy of Kaif, the Indian team achieved the honor of becoming U-19 World Cup champion in the year 2000. Kaif’s elder brother Saif (Mohammad Saif), who scored 624 runs with the help of one century in Test and 2753 runs with the help of two centuries in ODI, has also played for Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh teams in domestic cricket. Saif, who is four years older than Kaif, scored 1290 runs with the help of two centuries in 39 first class matches and also took 27 wickets. He also played 37 List A and one T20 match. In List A matches, 547 wickets and 13 wickets are registered in the name of Saif. Kaif and Saif’s father Mohammad Tarif has also played first class cricket for Railways and UP.

Spell of 59 overs, record of non-stop bowling in Test is in the name of Indian bowler

Vijay Hazare and Vivek Hazare
Vijay Hazare was counted among the best batsmen of the country. He scored 2192 runs in 30 Tests at an average of 47.65, which included seven centuries. Vijay was the first batsman for India to score a century in both the innings of a Test, he scored 116 runs in the first innings of the Adelaide Test against Australia and 145 runs in the second innings. However, despite these unmatched innings, Team India had to lose the match by an innings margin. Vijay’s younger brother Vivek (Vivekananda) Hazare has also played 49 first class matches for Vadodara and Mysore. Apart from scoring 674 runs in first class cricket, he also took 68 wickets. Never got a chance to play for India.

The batsman who scored the fastest century in his last test broke Richards’ record.

AG Kripal Singh and AG Satwinder Singh
AG Kripal Singh scored 422 runs in 14 Tests for India as a right-handed batsman and off-break bowler from 1955 to 1964 and took 10 wickets. Kripal’s brother AG Milkha Singh also played 4 tests as a left-handed batsman, but his brother AG Satwender Singh scored 2726 runs with the help of four centuries in 60 first class matches and Despite taking 29 wickets, he could never play for India.

Chennai born bowler has taken a hat-trick in T20 WC, know who did this feat

Mohinder Amarnath and Rajinder Amarnath
The contribution of Amarnath family to Indian cricket is not hidden from anyone. Lala Amarnath, who holds a special place in Indian cricket, has the distinction of being the first cricket captain of independent India. He scored the first century for India in a test match. In his debut test, Lala played an innings of 118 runs against England. After Lala, his son Surinder (Surinder Amarnath) played 10 Tests and three ODIs and Mohinder (Mohinder Amarnath) played 69 Tests and 85 ODIs for India. While Surinder, like his father, had achieved the feat of scoring a century in the debut test, Mohinder was a member of the Indian team that won the World Cup in 1983. Surinder and Mohinder’s other brother Rajinder Amarnath also played 36 first class matches and scored 1164 runs but could never play for India.

Like Lala Amarnath, CK Naidu is also counted among the legends of Indian cricket. He was the first (pre-independence) captain of the Indian team. CK, considered a fearless batsman, played 7 tests for India and his brother CS Nayudu played 11 tests. His two brothers CL Nayudu and CR Nayudu also played some first class matches but could never play for India.

Cricketers whose career ended due to injury/health reasons, one was the captain of India.

Mohammed Shami and Mohammed Kaif

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The names of fast bowler Mohammed Shami and his brother Kaif can also be included in this list. However, Kaif’s career has just started and it is possible that like his elder brother, Kaif will also play for India in the future.

229 wickets in 64 Tests, 195 wickets in 101 ODIs and 24 wickets in 23 T20 matches tell the story of Mohammed Shami’s sportsmanship. He proved to be the best bowler in the World Cup 2023 and took maximum 24 wickets in just 7 matches at an average of 10.70, economy of 5.26 and strike rate of 12.20, which included a performance of 5 wickets in three innings. Shami is in recovery mode after undergoing heel surgery and is not a part of the Indian team for T20 World Cup 2024. Shami’s brother Kaif (Mohammed Kaif) is also currently playing cricket for West Bengal. Kaif, who is six years younger than Shami, made his first class debut this year. He has played 6 first class and 9 List A matches so far. He has shown his sporting prowess by scoring 61 runs and taking 17 wickets in first class matches. He has taken 12 wickets in 9 List A matches.

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