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Fourth team confirmed to be out of IPL, difficult to reach playoffs

New Delhi. With every match of the Indian Premier League, the teams’ hopes of playing the playoffs are being lost and built. In the match played on Sunday, May 14, Royal Challengers Bangalore won against Delhi Capitals. While the result of this match has kept Bangalore’s hopes alive, it has given a huge blow to Delhi. However, both the teams will need a miracle to go to the playoffs.

Another name has been added to the list of teams to be out of IPL 2024. Even though the fans are hoping for their team to reach the playoffs, it is next to impossible. Delhi Capitals’ defeat against Royal Challengers Bangalore has almost shown them the way out of the tournament. Now this team can reach only 14 points and going further will be decided on the basis of its net run which is very bad at the moment.

fourth team to be eliminated
If we look at the points table at this time, four teams are out of the race for the IPL playoffs. Even though the team has a chance to reach 14 points, it has become almost impossible to reach the next round. Mumbai Indians and Punjab Kings are completely out while Gujarat Titans and Delhi Capitals have a slight hope left. Royal Challengers Bangalore has won the last 5 consecutive matches but there is very little hope of going further.

Only 14 points will not suffice
The teams of Royal Challengers Bangalore, Gujarat Titans and Delhi Capitals have a chance to reach 14 points. By winning their last remaining match, all three teams can reach 14 points. Bangalore team has to play against Chennai Super Kings. Delhi has to play against Lucknow. Gujarat will face Kolkata Knight Riders and Sunrisers Hyderabad. 14 points is not a guarantee of playoff because Chennai and Hyderabad are already on this point and the net run rate is also better than other teams.

first published : May 13, 2024, 5:14 pm IST

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