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Footballer’s strange contract with his girlfriend, you will be shocked after hearing the conditions, is it right to do all this?

What do people do to strengthen relationships? From taking care of their partners to taking care of their smallest needs. Sometimes it becomes necessary to express love, so that the partner does not feel that the love has diminished. However, as long as it is done as per one’s own free will and there are no conditions, it seems fine. Just imagine what would happen if you had to say love you everyday while being in a relationship contract.

We are saying all this because a famous footballer has signed a contract with his girlfriend in the presence of a lawyer. You will be surprised to know the strange conditions in which they have been kept. Not only this, penalty for not following the things given in the contract is also a mistake. So do you think that these conditions will not make the relationship a burden, and is it right to do all this? (Photo courtesy: Instagram @endrick)

Footballer’s relationship contract

Actually, 17 year old Brazilian footballer Andric is in a relationship contract with his 21 year old girlfriend Gabriele Miranda. The contract with Miranda, a model by profession, has been made in two parts. It is very important for both of them to do the things in the first part, while the things in the second part are not to be done. Penalty will have to be paid if any part is not followed. (Photo courtesy: Instagram @endrick)

What’s in the conditions…

What's in the conditions...

According to media reports, Endrick says that each other is on the first number in this list. It is important to say Love You. If there is a fight, you cannot sleep without resolving it, the fight has to be resolved the same day. If both of you go to a function then it is important to hold each other’s hands. All these conditions are to maintain love.

Now if we talk about the second part of the relationship contract, no one has to answer by saying Hmm or OK. If you break the rules, you will have to give whatever your partner asks for, no matter what it is. Gabrielle has already broken this rule once, for this she had to get Endrick an Apple headset. (Photo courtesy: Instagram @endrick)

Are conditions necessary in love?

Are conditions necessary in love?

‘Mohabbat Hai Ji Huzoori Nahi’… is a famous song from the movie Ki & Ka. Here Ji Hazuri means that whatever the partner says should happen only then it is not necessary at all. Because the situation is not the same all the time. In such a situation, there is little room for conditions in relationships. Because any relationship runs on love and understanding.

Don’t let the relationship become a burden.

Don't let the relationship become a burden.

As long as we do any work wholeheartedly, we do not realize why we are doing it. It seems that in love, whatever the heart wants to do, it is doing. But when any work is done on conditions, then somewhere the feeling of burden starts coming. Because we start looking for the reason behind it due to which negative thoughts come to our mind.

How important are independent relationships?

How important are independent relationships?

Be it a person or a relationship, the more you tie him down, the more he will try to be free. That is why it is said that free relationships are more successful. Because in this there is no need to make the partner loyal, rather he himself becomes loyal. Everything is received without even asking. Couples take care of each other’s personal space. And, when the relationship progresses from this perspective, it lasts for a long time.

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