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Fact Check: Nehru’s dream was that the rich became richer and the poor became poorer… Kharge’s viral video is fake.

New Delhi: There is a lot of excitement in the country regarding the Lok Sabha elections. So far, voting for four phases of Lok Sabha elections has taken place and voting for the fifth phase will take place on May 20. Meanwhile, a video clip of Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge is being shared on social media claiming that during an election rally, he mentioned Nehru and said that he would make the poor poorer and the rich poorer in the country. Wanted to see him becoming ‘rich’.

Vishvas News in its investigation found it to be wrong, which is being shared with the intention of election propaganda. In the original video, Kharge had said this while targeting the Narendra Modi government, but this context has been removed from the viral clip, due to which its meaning is changing. Referring to Nehru in the context of promoting policies of economic equality, Kharge had through a viral statement accused the Narendra Modi government of promoting economic inequality.

What is viral?

Social media user ‘politics_solitics’ viral video ,archive link), on which it is written, ‘Nehru ji’s dream was that the poor should become very poor.’

Till the time of investigation, this video has been liked by more than two lakh people. Many other users on other social media platforms (archive link) has shared this video clip with a similar claim.


The viral video clip is of a few seconds, in which Kharge can be heard saying, ‘…it was Nehru ji’s dream that the poor became very poor…the rich became richer.’ It is clear that the clip going viral is a selected part of a video, which is being shared out of context and its context cannot be understood without watching and listening to its original video. To find the original video, with the help of Invid, key frames of this video were extracted and reverse image search was done. During the search, the original video was found uploaded on the official YouTube channel of ‘Indian National Congress’, which was shared on May 5, 2024.

The viral video is of Kharge’s election program in Bengal, in which he targets the Narendra Modi government over its policies and says (21.40/41.17 frame), ‘…Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru ji had said one thing…I am here But let me mention it. He had said that protection of the country, progress of the country, unity of the country, this is the national duty of all of us. Who said… Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru ji said… We may follow different religions… live in different states… speak different languages ​​but no wall should be built between us.

He further says (referring to Nehru), ‘…all people should get equal opportunity in progress…we do not want some people in our country to be very rich and most of the people to be poor. This was Nehru ji’s dream. After this he says, ‘The poor became very poor and the rich became very rich…this is what is happening now.’ Then, while accusing the Modi government of promoting economic inequality, he praises the achievements of the past Congress governments and says, ‘…Modi ji’s views are opposite to those of Nehru ji.’ We contacted Uttar Pradesh Congress spokesperson Abhimanyu Tyagi regarding the viral clip. He confirmed that this is a fake clip, through which election propaganda is being spread. The user who shared the viral video with fake claims is followed by about nine lakh people on Instagram. Fact check reports examining other misleading and fake claims related to the elections can be read in the election section of Vishvas News.


This clip of Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge going viral on social media is altered and fake, in which he can be heard referring to Nehru’s dream of ‘the rich becoming richer’ and ‘the poor becoming poorer’. In fact, he had given this statement blaming the Narendra Modi government, but this context has been missing in the viral clip, due to which the meaning of the video is changing.

(This story was originally published Vishvas NewsAnd republished by NBT as part of Shakti Collective.)

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