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Exit Poll: How accurate were the exit polls last time, who predicted what about Modi government in 2019

New Delhi: Four phases of voting have taken place for the Lok Sabha elections-2024. This time BJP is claiming to have ‘crossed 400’. Last two times BJP has won with a huge majority. Before the Lok Sabha elections, many opinion polls have come out, in which BJP seems to be forming the government again. However, exit polls have not come out yet. Today we will tell you about the exit poll of the last election i.e. Lok Sabha Elections-2019. How many seats did news channels and agencies claim BJP and Congress had won in the exit polls and when the results came, what were they?

NDA gets majority in Times Now-VMR exit poll
In its exit poll regarding the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, Times Now-VMR had claimed that BJP would get majority. According to the Times Now-VMR exit poll, the NDA alliance was projected to get 306 seats, while the UPA was projected to get 132 seats, others were projected to get 104 seats.

C Voter had also predicted that BJP would get majority.
C Voter’s exit poll According to this, the NDA alliance was predicted to get majority. According to C Voter’s exit poll, the NDA was seen getting 287 seats, the Congress-led UPA alliance was projected to get 128 seats while others were projected to get 127 seats. However, when the results came, these estimates remained mere estimates.

Jan Ki Baat had predicted that NDA would win 305 seats.
Apart from this, according to the exit poll of ‘Jan Ki Baat’, the NDA alliance was predicted to get 305 seats. UPA was said to get 124 seats while others were said to get 113 seats. Jan Ki Baat’s exit poll had also shown the NDA alliance gaining power in Delhi.

News Nation also again claimed about Modi government
According to News Nation’s exit poll, BJP was projected to get 282-290 seats. This exit poll showed UPA winning 118-126 seats. While others were estimated at 130 to 138 seats.

Modi government also in the exit poll of Axis My India
In 2019, Axis My India also showed the formation of Modi government in its exit poll. According to this exit poll, NDA was seen getting 339-365 seats. UPA was projected to get 77-108 seats. Others were seen getting 69-95 seats.

NDA gets majority in Nielsen’s exit poll also
Nielsen’s exit poll also showed the BJP-led NDA alliance getting majority. In this exit poll, NDA was seen getting 277 seats, which is 5 more than the majority. UPA was projected to get 130 seats while others were seen getting 137 seats.

The real result was like this in 2019

  • BJP- 303
  • Congress- 52
  • DMK- 23
  • TMC- 22
  • YSRCP- 22
  • Shiv Sena-18
  • JDU- 16
  • BJD-12
  • BSP-10
  • TRS-9
  • LJP-6
  • NCP-5
  • SP-5
  • CPM-3
  • Indian Muslim League-3
  • Independent-4
  • National Conference-3
  • TDP-3
  • Apna Dal (Sonelal)-2
  • AIMIM-2
  • CPI-2
  • SAD-2
  • you 1
  • AIADMK-1
  • AJSU-1
  • JDS-1
  • JMM-1
  • MNF-1
  • NDPP-1
  • Naga People’s Front-1
  • NPP-1
  • National Democratic Party-1
  • RSP-1
  • Sikkim Revolutionary Front-1
  • VCK Team-1
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