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Earning revenue of Rs 90 crore from Aara in 1 year. Now priority is given to online tickets instead of window.

Ara. Ara Railway Junction has broken all the earning records. He earned about Rs 3 billion in one year. He earned this money from passenger tickets. With this, Ara has reached 11th position among the stations of East Central Railway in a year. Now passengers are paying more attention to online booking instead of ticket counter.

The figures released by North Eastern Railway are reassuring. Railways got a revenue of Rs 2 billion 90 crore 72 lakh 15 thousand in a year from Arrah Junction. This income was earned by selling tickets. During this period, 98 crore 65 lakh 88 thousand 562 people started the journey from Arrah Junction. The revenue earned from online tickets is more than Rs 30 crore.

automatic ticket vending machine
Maximum number of general tickets have been purchased from the Automatic Ticket Vending Machine (ATVM) at Arrah Railway Junction. This shows that the inclination of passengers has gradually started moving towards Railway’s mobile UTS app and ATVM. During festivals and weddings in March, seven lakh people bought general tickets at Ara station alone.

Trend towards mobile UTS app
The number of people booking online general tickets on the mobile UTS app is very less, but if the trend continues like this, the lines in front of the counters will become shorter. To increase the attraction of the people, the railway administration has launched the mobile UTS app at all the stations. Facility has been made available.

30 crore passengers used the app
In one year, 30 crore 27 lakh 86 thousand people got tickets through mobile UTS from Arrah Junction. Whereas 24 lakh 44 thousand people took MST pass. 68 crore 38 lakh 18 thousand people took tickets from PRS ticket counter.

68 crore people bought tickets from the counter
After Patna, Muzaffarpur, Danapur, DDU, Gaya, Dhanbad, Darbhanga, Rajendranagar, Samastipur, Patliputra, Arrah Junction is ranked among the highest number of people making passes with mobile UTS, passes and PRS tickets.

Ara beats everyone
In one year, 15 crore 89 lakh 44 thousand passengers booked general tickets online through the mobile UTS app. There are many big stations under Hajipur railway zone, in which Ara has reached 11th position, beating many stations including Buxar, Kiul, Parasnath, Hajipur, Barauni.

work still in progress
Chief Public Relations Officer of Hajipur Zone, Virendra Kumar said that Ara has brought good revenue to the Railways. To bring the mobile UTS app on a completely digital platform and increase people’s inclination towards the online system, the Center for Railway Information System is making it more convenient. Passengers can book general and platform tickets from the app even while sitting at home.

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