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Earlier there were bombs, now there is a begging bowl in the hands… Giving the example of poor Pakistan, Modi explained the benefits of ‘Dakar Government’.

New Delhi: Political temperatures are high in the country regarding the Lok Sabha elections. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Saturday, ‘When there is a ‘strong government’ in the country, the enemy thinks 100 times before doing anything.’ Addressing a rally in Haryana’s Ambala city, he said, ‘Pakistan, which earlier had bombs in its hands, now has a ‘begging bowl’ in its hands. When there is a ‘strong government’, the enemy gets scared.’ Referring to the bailout package received from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), he said, ‘Pakistan was harassing India for 70 years, it had bombs in its hands, today it has a ‘begging bowl’ in its hands.’

Modi lashed out at Congress

Launching his attack on Congress, PM Modi said, ‘It was their ‘Dhakad’ government which brought down the wall of Article 370 and Kashmir is now moving forward on the path of development.’ Modi said Congress has a history of betraying India’s armies and soldiers and referred to the ‘Jeep scam’, which was the ‘first scam’ during Congress rule. Addressing his first rally of the Lok Sabha elections in Haryana, Modi asked the people, ‘Could a weak government have changed the situation in Jammu and Kashmir?’

Pakistan, which earlier had bombs in its hands, now has a ‘begging bowl’ in its hands. When there is a strong government, the enemy gets scared.

PM Narendra Modi

What did PM Modi claim?

Referring to the contribution of Haryana’s soldiers in the armed forces, he said that when Congress was in power, mothers in Haryana were worried about the safety of their children. Modi asked the people, ‘Have such things stopped now or not?’ To this the people gathered in the rally responded with a resounding ‘yes’. Modi said that only 17 days are left for June 4, when the results of the Lok Sabha elections will be declared. He claimed that Congress and its allies in the ‘Indian National Developmental Inclusive Alliance’ (India) have not got any seats in the first four phases of voting.

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